Switched Blog URL to a Better Suited URL

Found a way to change URL and changed from my name as URL to www.ChasingPicturePerfection.com. The old one is still accessible, but followers do not show up. ...more

365 Project?

I am thinking about starting a second blog dedicated to a 365 Project. A picture a day for a year. Not sure if I will then be blogging for anyone but myself. It's also challenging to take, edit and post a photo a day. But what a great diary database for my scrapbooking. Maybe another month of traffic building for my current blog. Then I'll take the challenge. ...more


New to Blogher and Trying to Find Ways to Have more Blog Followers

I started a blog about photo tips a while ago, but I'm stuck at 16 followers that are mostly just friends and family. I would love to use the blog content to eventually develop a workshop series. Hopefully I will learn something from blogher and from all of you to gain some sort of following! So far I feel a bit overwhelmed. stacie ...more