Supreme Court Deals Blow (literally) to Fourth Amendment

Well, that's debatable, but last week the High Court handed down a decision in the case Hudson v. Michigan, which has legal scholars (and bloggers) buzzing about the implications for other 4th Amendment protections. ...more

The police are not just entering your home unannounced and fishing for a reason to arrest you. ...more

The Legality of US Propaganda

Some may remember back to about a year ago when a small scandal hit the airwaves when it was revealed that the Bush administration was paying journalists to plant false stories about the war effort (and America in general) over in Iraq. In other words, "propaganda." ...more

I appreciate your in-depth commentary, as a former Wall Stret Journal reporter who ...more

The Patriot Act vs. The First Amendment

And who is winning? The Patriot Act by a wide margin. As everyone by now knows, our National Security Agency (NSA) has been taking part in spying activities without warrants and which tend to cast a much larger net than the Bush administration originally acknowledged. The Bush administration refers to the program as "The Terrorist Surveillance Program" but the problem, legally at least, is that millions of Americans with no known or suspected ties to terrorism have been caught up in the governments vast data mining operation by using private companies like AT&T, Bell South etc. to listen in on private phone calls en masse. ...more

One of the problems is that the Justice Dept. has a clear conflict of interest- when the NSA ...more

Mary Cheney's Book and Gay Rights

As many know by now, Dick Cheney's daughter, Mary Cheney, has a new book out called 'Now It's My Turn' and it discusses, among other things, her stance on gay and lesbian civil rights and how her family reacted to her "coming out." ...more

Space law, Defendant's Rights and Judges Citing Law Blogs in Their Opinions

A trip around the blogosphere yielded some interesting finds in the world of legal blogs. First, Space Law Probe discusses a very specialized area of law- all the legal issues surrounding law in outer space. I have to admit this is something I know nothing about. And understandably it's no small matter as more and more governments are trying to create space stations and private citizens are planning trips to outer space: ...more

I hope the law clearly states that lawyers in space have to wear fake ...more

Karl Rove Called to Testify Before Grand Jury for FIFTH Time

Karl Rove appeared before the grand jury in the Valerie Plame/CIA leak case today after receiving a target letter from the prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald. Appearing before a grand jury five times is quite unusual and it has given the talking heads quite a bit to comtemplate (and speculate). ...more

Speaking as a former (many years ago) Army Security Manager for my battalion, I would have ...more

Leaker or Whistleblower?

It would seem that there is a lot of talk these days about intelligence leaks and there appears to be little consistency with regard to how the leaks are handled, either politically or legally. Taylor Marsh, writing over at Firedoglake, takes on this issue and questions why there seem to be different standards depending on who is doing the leaking: ...more

Pansophia- I agree about the media. Instead of speaking truth to power and acting as the Fourth ...more

Transgender Rights, The Supreme's Fear of Cameras and Views on the Death Penalty

Lots of good stuff in the legal blogosphere this week and as politics and law tend to overlap (or collide,depending on how you look at it), there is always a treasure trove of subjects which the media attempt to distill and legal bloggers try to interpret. ...more

White House in the Legal Hot-Seat?

Yes, they are actually. The Scooter Libby/Plamegate case has heated up in the last week, as special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald filed pleadings that seem to implicate the Executive Branch in the scandal. This raises a couple of important questions, tantamount among them is whether the President and/or Vice President lied to the prosecutor when they were originally questioned by him about their knowledge of the leak of the identity of covert CIA operative, Valerie Plame Wilson. ...more

Nice job with this subject...

it really is astounding to see some of the parallels with 1974. ...more

Breaking News: Moussaoui Found Eligible For Death Penalty

Mintues ago a jury found alleged 9/11 co-conspirator Zacharias Moussaoui eligible for the death penalty and thus the trial can move forward. I blogged on this case earlier(see law section) and that post provides some background to the issues in the case. ...more