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Please keep up with me on my blog, Prayers and Piazzas, where I write about my dual passions: my family and Italy. :)...more

Marching Away From Me

Younger Son's band marched in our town's holiday parade last weekend. In fact, they were the "closers", followed only by a hook & ladder fire truck with Santa perched on top. Being a loyal groupie, of course I wanted to attend the parade, but we had just returned home from a long Thanksgiving road trip, so I didn't want to sit through the whole thing. I planned to arrive just in time to catch the band. Well, my timing was off and I nearly missed them! I could hear the cadence of the drums as a I parked a few blocks away. I broke into a run toward the parade route....more

This is a Post on Friendship

Last Saturday was my 45th birthday. In my opinion, birthdays are the absolute best day to be a Facebooker. By the end of the day, I had a really cool notice on my page: “71 friends posted on Stacy’s timeline for her birthday.” 71 friends — wow! The tentative middle school girl, who still lurks quietly inside me, felt really popular....more

Dreaded Project, Unexpected Joy

I hit the treasure trove of Mommy Memories a few weekends ago when I unintentionally tackled a project that has hung over my head for YEARS: organizing the box of family home movies.  ...more