"A Beautiful Ordinary" featured on Mamalode this month!

Mamalode has been called “America’s BEST parenting magazine” by Lisa Stone of BlogHer, and this month, they are featuring my post, “A Beautiful Ordinary”!!! I am immensely honored. <3...more

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Please keep up with me on my blog, Prayers and Piazzas, where I write about my dual passions: my family and Italy. :)...more

Marching Away From Me

Younger Son's band marched in our town's holiday parade last weekend. In fact, they were the "closers", followed only by a hook & ladder fire truck with Santa perched on top. Being a loyal groupie, of course I wanted to attend the parade, but we had just returned home from a long Thanksgiving road trip, so I didn't want to sit through the whole thing. I planned to arrive just in time to catch the band. Well, my timing was off and I nearly missed them! I could hear the cadence of the drums as a I parked a few blocks away. I broke into a run toward the parade route....more

This is a Post on Friendship

Last Saturday was my 45th birthday. In my opinion, birthdays are the absolute best day to be a Facebooker. By the end of the day, I had a really cool notice on my page: “71 friends posted on Stacy’s timeline for her birthday.” 71 friends — wow! The tentative middle school girl, who still lurks quietly inside me, felt really popular....more

Dreaded Project, Unexpected Joy

I hit the treasure trove of Mommy Memories a few weekends ago when I unintentionally tackled a project that has hung over my head for YEARS: organizing the box of family home movies.  ...more