Parents, It's School Play Season. Will You Mind Your Manners?

  Many of our kids are gearing up for the Spring school play so it's a perfect time to remind you of several, key best practices ......more

10 Things Our Kids Can Learn From Meryl Streep

The 2010 Academy Awards are history and though Meryl didn't take home an Oscar (again), she's a winner in my world.  Some thoughts on what our kids can learn from her films:  10. ...more

So Leno Bombed at 10PM. NBC, Give An Hour to Broadway!

After watching Jay Leno's appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show (the Goddess from which all blessings stem) I have a better understanding of the debacle NBC hath created and I have a great idea: NBC -- GIVE ONE 10:00 timeslot TO BROADWAY !! ...more

No lack of talent and opportunity to showcase an American art form, I just fear that no one ...more

Curtain Up! Stage-Mama's blog launches with a fab sweepstakes

Hello, Blogher community!  I wanted to share that my blog at launched last month to great traffic, great success!  I'd love for you to check it out.  It's the newest blogsite on the internet for theatre lovers everywhere. ...more