Our New Master Bedroom

A few months ago, we switched bedrooms with the girls. ...more

2014: Why Not!?

Shall there be resolutions for this new year? ...more

Our 2013 Christmas Letter

Dear friends, enemies, and borderline apathetic observers,It's Christmas time again, so let's take a look at the past year. ...more

Cold Remedies

It's cold around here these days. Unseasonably cold, actually. ...more

Food, Family, and more Food

Last week was a whirlwind of travel as we drove down to New Orleans (14.5 hours in the car), stuffed our faces, did a little sightseeing, and then drove back home (16 hours due to traffic). ...more

Our curb might be more appealing soon

First, I'd like you to close your eyes. Picture criminally beautiful children wearing faux boho clothing with just the right amount of gray-toned reds and greens. ...more

Magical Transformations

Remember how I said change is a-comin' to The Kiefer Cottage? ...more

Bathroom Update

We finished this work awhile back, but I kept saying to myself, "Wesley, I'll most likely kill you in the morning" and then it wouldn't get done. Our bathroom, when this house was built, was probably quaint and had colored tile midway up the wall. ...more

The Rules of Cooking

It's finally cooler, so I can get back into the kitchen and actually use heat without roasting the family. ...more

Kitchen Backsplash

You know how we took out our old kitchen hood and ended up with a hole in the wall? ...more