The Corporate Snuffing of Mom and Pop

My father was an Automobile Dealer.  Over the years he owned several different stores but none were more beloved than the first location he purchased in the mid seventies.  Despite the growth of his dealerships volume when you walked into his flagship store you felt its personality.  The fact that he was ever present certainly contributed to the "family" atmosphere that existed but it was more than that.  In the last few years of the stores operation I observed my father and how he interacted with customers and employees....more

The Inside Woman's Thoughts on When and How to Buy a Car.

I just finished reading a post that pained my heart and turned my stomach.  While I appreciate that the author began by disclosing that her post is matter of opinion rather than fact, I do need to rebut.  Let me start off by saying that my father owned and operated several dealerships for some 40 years.  Consequently I was raised in the business and ran his flagship store for 7 years.  This does not make me an expert however, the fact that I have lived within the business does give me some insight that a consumer may not naturally have....more