Courgettes with Lemon, Caper Dressing

Courgettes or Zucchini,...more

Potato Salad with Smoked Salmon and Eggs

I never realized how important potatoes were to me until I moved to the other side of the world and realized potatoes just weren’t the same here as they are in Ireland. I am not sure why – I guess the soil is different, the climate is different, there are different varieties etc. The point is, potatoes over here just don’t taste as good to me as our famous Irish spuds ....more

Butterscotch Banana Sundae

Do you ever have that moment of panic when you realize you have nothing for dessert and you’ve friends coming for dinner? I sometimes...more

Cherry Froyo Popsicles

I’m back again with ‘yet another’ cherry dessert. They are so good and plentiful this summer, and I want to make the most of this bumper cherry season. This...more

Peach, Cherry and Feta Salad

This salad is like summer on a plate....more

Hazelnut and Chocolate Financiers

These glossy, sticky, chocolate coated hazelnut...more

Ginger, Soy and Garlic Chicken

Barbecue season has well and truly started, and I thought I would share these quick and tasty chicken skewers. The chicken is marinated in some garlic, ginger, lime juice, coriander and soy sauce. The marinade and smoky barbecue flavor make these chicken skewers taste succulent and delicious.You could use the marinade for either a turkey breast or a chunky fish like tuna ....more

Fresh Lemonade, Gin and Tonic

I have to admit, I do like gin and tonics. I am pretty fussy though. There are only one or two brands of gin that I really like, I also like a lot of ice and there has to be a decent wedge of lemon ....more

Cherry Pie

Lots of things to be excited about this week- cherries are in season, plus there are beautiful peony roses blooming in the garden. It really is the small things! Living in Washington means that we are blessed with the most delicious, sun ripened, sweet and juicy cherries ....more

Granola with Mango Compote

Breakfast doesn’t have to be some limp toast or soggy cornflakes. You deserve better than that! Granola, fruit and yogurt is simple, healthy and such a tasty breakfast ....more