Illegal pregnancy

Is there such a thing as an illegal pregnancy? Weird question....I know. But...consider statutory rape laws. In California statutory rape includes BOTH parites fo sexual intercourse if both are below the age of consent. So....if a 16 year old boy has sex with a 14 year girl and the girl becomes pregnant, is the pregnancy itself evidence of a crime?  According to California state law the answer would have to be yes. What then, should be the fate of the baby?...more

Teenage pregnancy.....prevention or choice

I'd like to hear from anyone in response to this post..... Teenage kneejerk reaction is....No!! How can we prevent it? Great Britain has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Europe and I keep wondering how we can help teenage girls to prevent unwanted pregnancy. But what if we can't? What if we're failing to stop teenage pregnancy because these girls WANT to have babies? Can we make them NOT want to have a baby?...more

Calling all mothers, teachers, social workers and anyone else interested in teenagers

I'm a new blogger interested in gathering opinions about how best to prepare teenagers for life in the real world. Eventually - assuming there is support for what I want to do - I want to introduce to high schools a course that explores students' needs as defined by the students themselves and then delivers help and guidance in a strictly non-judgemental manner on how to achieve their desires and objectives....more