Best Re-useable Grocery Bag

I go grocery shopping And I love it. It’s my favorite type of shopping to do and when I’m brainstorming recipes, it’s usually in the grocery store or farmer’s market ....more

Mohawks and Tombstone in the Kitchen

Our new “mail-order” baby chicks are now about 1 month old. For the first couple of weeks, the baby chicks are so adorable and teeny that you just want to keep them in your house and pet them all day! Well, the bigger they get, the more they eat ....more

Giveaway: GelPro Elite Cardinal Mat

I have chronic back pain – slight scoliosis and lots of rear-end accidents <- wow, that sounded odd, but you know what I mean! Since I’m on my feet so much in the kitchen, good shoes and a GelPro floor mat is not just nice-to-have, but essential. The Elite line is 50% THICKER than what you’d find anywhere else ....more

Giveaway: T-Fal Optigrill

So now that we don’t have a kitchen for another 3 weeks, we’ve been using the outdoor grill, toaster oven and this T-Fal Optigrill. It’s unlike any other indoor grill, with digital timers, food sensors and temperature settings. The end result? ...more

Food Blog Forum, Asheville NC

Four and a half years ago, Diane crossed the Mexican border with “contraband” that I had requested via text from Tecate, Mexico. She arrived at my door late at night with a small rolling luggage piece in one hand and a single, red backpack in the other that I immediately tore into. Beef jerky, 2 bottles of wine, Doritos, chocolate bars ....more

Goodbye Kitchen!

After 3 years of planning, designing, re-designing and procrastinating, we’ve finally started our kitchen remodel. I’ve been both looking forward to and dreading the start date – three weeks without a kitchen is traumatic. Well, I should say...more

Giveaway: Cura Coffee Company Organic Coffee

Did you know that...more

Review: iDevices Bluetooth Kitchen Thermometer

I love this thing! No more having to wonder if my timer went off (while I’m in a different room). My phone syncs with the iDevices Kitchen Thermometer and will zap me when the food is done (just kidding – it just beeps) ....more

Giveaway: Pampered Chef Summer Surprise

I love Pampered Chef! 10 years ago, one of my best friends sold Pampered Chef products and to this day, some of my very favorite kitchen doo-dads are from PC. The quality is excellent – a lot of thought went into the design and development of each and every one of their products ....more

Giveaway: South Beach Miami Food Tour

South Beach Miami Food Tour Win two tickets for the South Beach Food Tour to savor tasty treasures inside the beating heart of Miami Beach during a fun and engaging architectural, historical and walking tour of the Art Deco Historic District, with a culinary twist. Enjoy delicious tastings at hole-in-the-wall and mom & pop type of restaurants. Taste the best of Miami Beach’s global cuisine (“melting-pot”) with its predominate Latin, European, and American comfort food, uncovering the hidden hotspots for crunchy patacones, authentic empanadas, home made Cuban dishes, Refajo drink and much more ....more