Aervana Review & Giveaway

Aervana is one of the most innovative wine products I’ve seen – combining the functionality of an aerator and a no-drip pour. We tried so many different wine aerators – from the classic wide, curvy body of a decanter to a strange magnetic powered aerator machine that swirled your wine. We like the Aervana ....more

Oster Versa Blender Review & Giveaway

Oster provided the product for giveaway In 1924, John Oster started a company in his garage. His first product was hair clippers for cutting men’s hair! These days, Oster is known for their kitchen small appliances, and is now owned by Sunbeam ....more

Summer Essentials Giveaway

T-Fal Ceramic Non Stick...more

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Giveaway

Adobe provided the giveaway of 1-year Creative Cloud Photography. ...more

Bella Popcorn Maker Review and Giveaway

Bella Housewares provided the product for giveaway. The Bella Stir Stick Popcorn Maker gave us a break from the nasty chemicals found in our microwaveable popcorn! We never looked...more

Made in USA Baking Sheet

Jacob Bromwell products have been our favorite products to review and write about – not only do they function as advertised, but the products are all a true pleasure to work with and handle. The company’s rich history began nearly 200 years ago, with products like the Tin Cup...more

Philips AirFryer Review & Giveaway

Philips provided unit for giveaway Philips AirFryer Review We have a deep fryer that’s been sitting unused for three years. It used to get lots of action, homemade french fries, homemade potato chips, crispy egg rolls. But these days, the only thing I deep fry is the egg rolls – and it’s easier for me to deep fry those in a wok than it is in the machine ....more

Kale Sprouts with Roasted Garlic and Parmesan

Earlier this year, I discovered a new vegetable hybrid – the “Kalette” or “Kale Sprouts”, which is a cross between Brussels sprouts and kale. I found it first at Johnny Seeds, while shopping for vegetable seeds. We planted the kalette seeds in our aquaponics garden, but they never really took off, I planted them too late in the Spring ....more

OXO Greensaver Produce Keeper Review & Giveaway

OXO provided the products for the giveaway. Fruits and vegetables are the largest part of our grocery budget, especially during the summer months when our garden is down (way too hot in Florida to grow anything!) However, fruits and vegetables are the most wasted foods in our house as well. They just go bad too fast ....more

Cookie Cutter Kingdom Review & Gift Box Giveaway

Cookie Cutter Kingdom provided the products for the giveaway. I’ve been having so much fun with the new cookie cutters from Cookie Cutter Kingdom!...more