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Do We Push Our Daughters Too Hard to be Perfect?

After helping my 10-year old daughter rush off to the bus stop, like I do every day, I usually go back to her room and tidy up the things that bother me the most...Her room is a little nicer after I went through it this summer with my fine-tooth comb, but her bed is usually 1/2 a mess with the comforter pulled up and a huge lump underneath which usually conceals the sheet and maybe the bottom of her pj's, underwear, a doll,, I kin ...more
@Angela Little thank you for your insights! I'm going to try very hard to relax more when it ...more

Boris Kodjoe Thinks Weight Gain In Marriage Is "Unacceptable"...Wait, What?

Dear Nicole Ari Parker I hope you never have a thyroid problem, go through menopause, get lupus, lose a leg in in a car accident, have your face disfigured, avoid getting nipped and tucked, have heart problems that will stop you from doing your cardio exercises, or any other life challenge that might cause you to gain weight because your husband says that gaining weight is "unacceptable"....more
I went through all your comments and certainly you did engage readers in strong responses. ...more

The Best Unwanted Marital Advice: Fairy Tale Style?!

  The Best Advice I’d ever been given about marriage…was not welcomed advice. And I didn’t take it intentionally.  I took it out of boredom.  Little did I know, it was monumental to my future survival.   ...more

Is "Fear" Your Lover?


Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

Going through a divorce can be one of the worst emotional experiences in a woman’s life. Sometimes, the effects can be so detrimental that a woman is completely unaware of how destructive it can be to her mind and body– until something life-threatening happens. ”Life-threatening” can be anything from deep depression/nervous breakdown or excessive weight gain to onset of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. I’m sure that we've all read articles about the supposedly “sinister” results of being a divorced woman....more
@Lisa Thomson Thank you Lisa! I just made it through the "painful growth period" and yes-there ...more

Mommy's Fine-Tooth Comb

So my dad has the kids for the week...time for a little relaxation, I thought. I enjoy being able to hear "nothing" much in the house...just the ice maker rattling or the pool equipment running...As I walk through the house, I pass by my daughter's room...And Oh-The Mess!!! ...more

I Am NOT "Friend" Material

At least not "real" friend material...virtual friends- ok,I'm a "friend"...but I don't "make the cut" for what a "real friend" might be. I've tried it PLENTY OF TIMES (trust me) Usually, she will be the instigator..."Let's exchange phone up at the you always come to the gym around this time?" Etc...UGGGHHHHH! Oprah would probably think I'm a real loser. She says women need girlfriends in their lives. ...more
@Body Rebooted thank you- yes, I posted this quickly so that I wouldn't change my mind - lol - ...more

40's the New 40

I remember when my mom was in her you remember your mom in her 40's?...more