Monday Moments

looks like I am still not back into this blogging thing… not sure what that means that being said we have survived almost a whole month of this new life of ours. It is super busy though and getting bronchitis did not help matters in any way, shape or form. I am finally on the mend though ....more

Monday Moments – once again

I’m back, did you even notice I was gone…. We traveled over 13,000km this summer and went all the way to the west coast and back. We arrived home mid August but things quickly became crazy here ....more

on our way

Posting has been sporadic here for so long, sorry. I want to write, I want to make time but there is so little it seems. I have so many started and not finished posts it is not even funny ....more

Monday Moments

I’m alive I’m not sure what to about blogging anymore. It’s a complicated and long story. I am thinking that I might keep on going but not till after I get through the chaos that is our summer Not that there are many readers anymore. Which is mostly because I do not have any time to do anything including blog or read others blogs. 2 kids are almost done school 1 is still got way to much to do ...more

maybe there will be calm

Calvin is a very angry young man and everyone who knows him can tell. He rages about something most days and lately when he rages he runs. Yesterday went like this ...more

Monday Moments

I know I have been super quiet.  We have busy and things here are hard. I am not sure how or if I can blog about it, we are fine, we are alive. One of the kids is having a super hard time though which is making everyone around here pretty miserable and we are just muddling through as best we can. It is not fun. In brighter news spring is here and I am busy planning the  epic summer road ...more

Too Hurt to Stay, a book review

I was asked recently to review the book To Hurt to Stay by Casey Watson, when it arrived I started to read it as and then I got distracted not because it wasn’t good but because life just gets in the way of my reading time. When I was asked to read the book I was given this quote from the publisher Eight-year-old Spencer takes himself to social services and demands to be taken into care. It’s a desperate act, ...more

Monday Moments on Tuesday, again.

It seems as though spring has finally arrived in the great white north.  Woohoo The kids and I walked for over an hour yesterday which was good for all of us and there were some interesting conversations while we walked. They also jumped on the trampoline for hours and entertained themselves outside all afternoon. (shhh this part needs to be whispered because if I say it aloud it will end) Things with Ramona have calmed back down to their ...more

still kicking

I know I disappeared again. No particular reason, just up to our eyeballs around here. There are so many things on the go in our regular lives because home schooling keeps way busy and then you throw trauma anniversaries, almost 13 year olds and a kid who is really having a hard time just getting through the day and I fall into bed at the end of the day. I spent far to long working on our taxes… it is not ...more

Then the penny drops

Then the penny drops and I figure it all out. Sometimes I am really slow, like painfully slow at realizing the obvious and even though other people point it out to me I still don’t really get it ....more