People Who Knead People

I was recently given a gift certificate for a massage, which I redeemed almost immediately! I find few things more relaxing than letting go and allowing someone else to pamper me by gently but firmly rubbing and kneading my shoulders and back. Delicious! ...more

Park It

I spent a good amount of time inside yesterday working on my computer, catching up on all sorts of stuff that needed attention. It was a gorgeous day, and I kept looking out the window wishing I could go outside. By late afternoon, I was done with what I needed to do and headed out for some much-needed fresh air. I decided it would be nice to take a hike around Theodore Roosevelt Island, a small national park situated in the middle of the Potomac River between Virginia and DC. ...more

Hi Everyone!

My name is Mary, and I am based on Washington, DC. I just found out about BlogHer and am really happy I found this great community! I am a writer, speaker, life coach, psychologist, reiki practitioner. I publish a monthly e-newsletter on topics of health and wellness from a mind/body/spirit perspective. And I my blog covers similar topics. ...more