The Courage to Grab our Dreams

I've always used a journal as a place to work out my racing thoughts. Now we call it blogging and can do it quite publically if we wish. I have this little joke between myself and I that when I am gone, my kids will find these journals all over the house and finally get me!  The priviledge we as humans have of communicating is a wonderful gift. It allows us the take the lid off of the bottle of carbonated water that is our life and release some of those bubbles out into the air. ...more

Meat-eater seeks Vegan for formal apology

I will always remember my very first meal on my very first day of culinary school.  I was a peon, a newbie. So, when an upperclassman put a plate of sweetbreads down in front of me, I didn't dare let the welling up surge of fear show on my face. I was so grateful with a "Nelson Longbottom" look-alike sais to someone, "Ewwww, what is this?" It was promptly explained to him that he would be enjoying veal sweetbreads, aka a baby cow's thymus gland! ...more

A double life, sauce on the side please

My life is a paradox.  I spend most of my time being very focused on trying to fuel my body with life-enriching, healthy foods while trying to transform my post baby (4 of them) body to the rocking little body I'm pretty sure I had in college. ...more