How to Get Published: Bring In New Freelance Writing Projects in Hard Times

Don't allow yourself to get discouraged when business is slow. It just means that you have to hustle more. The more you hustle, the more you'll be rewarded, even if the rewards are not immediate. And those pitches that were rejected, or those proposals that were turned down? It's nothing personal. Rather, it's bad timing. Or a not-quite-right fit. Or a too-small budget. Or any number of other things. Be relentless, and the work will start picking up again. Allow yourself to wallow, and the few opportunities that are actually out there will pass you by. ...more
Thank you for the suggestions!  I'm a lawyer in real life but I also write a humor blog.  My ...more

Launching a new blog!

Howdy all! ::waves:: I've recently launched a new blog, on the freelance lifestyle, and thought I'd take this opportunity to become more active on BlogHer. I've been a member of BlogHer for over a year, and have actually attended a fairly recent gathering but, aside from that, my account has sat here fairly stagnant.   ...more