Daily Food Intake

Here is what I ate yesterday:8am: all natural energy pill8:30am: coffee and pumpkin bread from Starbucks1pm: 2 turbo charging Metabolism pills1pm: small bowl of clam chowder and a brown rice, ckn, and broccoli bowl with a pinch of soy sauce sauce.6pm: 1 hard boiled egg, 1/4 avocado, 1/8 cup sauteed onions and mushrooms (cooked in coconut oil), and roasted cabbage slices.8pm: Lean protein shake w/ almond milk. Only 100 calories, no fat or sugar.11pm: bed timestephanieSHRINKS.com...more

Missing Child Jessica Ridgeway

Jessica Ridgeway, a 10 year old girl from Westminster, CO is missing as of Friday, October 5th 2012.She was last seen walking to school Friday October 5th.Jessica never made it to school.Westminster police have one good lead.Her back pack was found the next day in a neighbor in Superior, CO (about 20 minutes away).So far this is all I know per the local news station....more

Down 3 pant sizes in 6 weeks!

Yesterday I had to go buy new pants because of the weight I’ve been losing.I had no idea I went down so many pant sizes in just 6 weeks!I’m so happy, and super motivated.I feel better than I have felt in so long.These products are amazing.PS: I’m actually a size 18, but bought the JR. pants because they were the only pants that were shorter in length.stephanieSHRINKS.com...more

Coconut Green Beans

Coconut Green Beans are Drop Dead Delicious! My boys gobble them right up. And they are super easy to make. One of my favorite vegetable recipes ever!Full recipe:http://www.stephanieshrinks.com/coconut-green-beans/stephanieSHRINKS.com ...more

Breville Juicer Giveaway In Support Of Hailey’s Second Chance

Who wants to win an awesome Breville Juice Fountain Plus (JE98XL) Juicer? Juicing is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. And now you have a chance to win one! Here’s how:...more
I posted on my FB to spread the word. Hope this helps. more

Campanelle Pasta Salad

This is a delicious pasta salad with fresh yummy herbs. I changed the original recipe a little to make it healthier. Instead of using regular pasta, we used sprouted whole grain pasta and we used fresh wild salmon instead of canned tuna. This was a hit for dinner, and all my boys loved it. You can never go wrong with fresh salmon, artichoke, and herbs!This dish makes great leftovers and taste wonderful cold. It would make a great meal for potlucks.I had mine Paleo style with no pasta and it was simply delicious. Hope you enjoy this recipe. =)Here is the recipe link:...more

Pumpkin Pie Spice French Toast

They have arrived…pumpkins that is! My boys and I are so excited to see these orange gems everywhere. I have been thinking of all the recipes I’m going to make from scratch (no canned pumpkin puree ever again) and what fun this fall is going to be. We moved from Arizona to Colorado in April 2011 for my son who needs a liver transplant (Arizona does not transplant livers for children) and I’m getting a little nervous about the chilly weather I’m going to experience for the first time, but in a weird way I’m really excited for the cold weather, cute boots, scarfs, and winter adventures....more

Tamanu Oil - Pharmacy In a Bottle

Tamanu oil is a traditional healing remedy used by indigenous people for thousands of years to treat a number of skin conditions. It originates from Polynesia and Southeast Asia, and is made from the nut of the calophyllum inophyllumtree.Tamanu oil is known as a pharmacy in a bottle because of it’s ability to successfully treat many different skin conditions like: ...more

Starbucks Iced Latte - Vanilla Stevia Sweetened

 One of my goals is to totally eliminate sugar from my diet. It’s not easy being that I have a super big sweet tooth. But I just tell myself “your health is worth it” and “sugar causes wrinkles and big bellies” and that’s usually enough to whip my butt into shape.One thing I refuse to give up: iced coffee! I also refuse to do the low fat version of the iced coffee, or use the artificial sweeteners like I see sooooo many woman doing. I’m sure they think they are doing a good thing, but nah…it’s actually worse than just plain old sugar....more

Nature’s Perfect Cleanser: Hydrogen Peroxide

You’ve probably heard of hydrogen peroxide and may have even used it to clean cuts and scrapes on your skin, but did you know that it occurs in many natural cycles on Earth? Hydrogen peroxide is present in rain, snow and mountain streams, and can also be found in nearly every living organism. Our bodies create hydrogen peroxide to help fight infection. White blood cells produce hydrogen peroxide as a first line of defense against bacteria, viruses, yeast, etc. It is also created in plants through the process of photosynthesis....more