It Always Happens To Me

  It always happens to me. Everytime you convince yourself that it will never happen to you, it happens to me.On July 1st I woke up prepared for the new hands free cell phonelaw. While I inhaled my morning coffee and proceeded to burn my tongue, I sentout a mass text message to all of my friends and family warning them to use anearpiece or speaker phone will driving.   ...more

Social Networks Protect You From Dementia

Online social relationships may help keep dementia away- Research at the American Journal of Public Health has proven that disorders such as memory loss are less common for those who socially interact with family and friends. A study was conducted with over two thousand members from a health maintenance organization with individuals 78 years of age and older, to find out if cognitive disorders can be avoided through social interaction. At the beginning of the study all of the participants did not show any signs of dementia. ...more