Beauty on a budget

Welcome back to my blog so I've been working on a new project my new project is calledBeauty on a budgetIf you would like to watch the video you can find me on YouTube just look me up Stephanie Owens Beauty on a budget and you will find my latest video my goal is to give the latest fashion tips and beauty secrets to mom's Mother's and women all around the world without having to hurt your bank account or pocket it is a cost-effective way to look beautiful and fabulous on a budget    ...more

Silly love tips that will change your outlook on your mate."

Silly love tips was inspired the hurt and agony of the love I have felt or given away.But it sums each element ofove in its entirely....more

I didn't mean to fall in love with a married man The ten things I learned about being a mistress. A special edition follow up

Your welcome,When I say this I mean to the 101 folks who read my blog. Thanks. I hope you liked the tips I provided. What good would ever come from this messy topic I hope I recorded it properly.  Many mistresses wont even admit fault. They spend time shopping  for nice things to cover up the ugly secrets.  But exceptions are also possible. Are u a mistress at this moment in time.? If you  aren't disregard what I am bout to say. I f it applies then so be it. Lets me get some comments and feedback people. What do you think ? Am I crazy to be so honest? Am I living in a fantasy?The conclusion is as follows.I am not ashamed. It was an opportunity with financial gain. Could have I walked away. Yes. I could off called it off and sent him home to his wife. It puzzles me to think this. "Who played who? While I appeared to benefiting I was also losing. My lost where in my ethics and beliefs. I had crossed the line with my secrets and then exposed publicly. Somehow it had came to the light and everyone in  our circle knew about us. It took heart for me to walk with my head high.  I didnt even care about the whispering I heard or dirty looks I recieved. I am who I am.No one is perfect.Learn from past mistakes....more


The Cakeman

Im falling in love with Cakeman. Yup thats what we call him. He is from the big state of Texas.  But has been refined into a California man. He likes to shop, eat out and lives the upscale lifestyle. He is like a male version of myself. I met him nearly a year ago at the local casino. Its now months later and we have gotten really close. Yea i mean now we are dating. I spent the last few days with him in Lima, Ohio. Let me say the sexual chemistry between us is off the scale. The first time was last weel I spent the night at his house....more

I didnt mean to fall in love with a married man :The final Chapter

Well its been such a very long time since I have written about relationship. As you may already know I have pretty complicated situationsn the past. So anyway Its a new year of 2016 and I'm ready to start over with new fresh ideas and relationship ethics. So please sont judge based on my previous blog. Yes I was dating a married man for nearly two years. I am no longer that naive of selfish any longer. To be honest it me taught me a lesson. The experience showed me that I lacked the confidence and respect for my own self. I allowed that man to ruin the good parts of my spirit....more

Hanging with the coop.

Mr coop what a pleasure to have in my life.  He has  been a long way with me. For the last  three years we have been off and on in  in a relationship. He watched  me go thru two relationships a miscarriage. As well as legal issues. I'm not sure what the heck is going on,but im falling in love with him again.  Thank God  for  tood men. I  have noticed  that our  relationship issues with my own personality.  My favorite part of this all is the sex. I found out that trying new things helps. Let  me know if you are looking for sex tips.  I will post the first ten tips for you. 1.Turn off the television  during sex,  you need to be able to make sure that you can  focus. Pleasing someone is an art.2.Take your time,rushing cheats us out of  the experience. 3. Taste every where,  licking kissing and foreplay excite the mood. 4. Massage, rub feet and shoulders slowly. 5.Oral sex helps to locate sensitive parts of the body  Stay tuned for more.   ...more

The greater the struggle the greater the reward. The battle doesnt belong to me it belons to the Lord.

Each day I find myself with a new obstacle to face. The situations present themselves prior to my own knowledge sometimes. After many difficulties, struggles and life experiences not much surprises e anymore. I don't ever expect to have a day free from it all, though it would be nice.  But honestly every battle only prepares for the next and each time, I come out victorious. The victory isn't by osmosis my God provides away up and out even when I cant see it. My God is always victorious, he loves me and watched over me. There is no man on earth that I fear but him. God is stern with me , he allows me t run on self-will until I fully surrender to his will for my life. I need God. I'm not afraid to admit without his favor over my life, I can do nothing. I am nothing without my God. There where many tears hurts and sorrows but I survived and I'm still standing with my head high. I wont complain, I wont question his direction, I just roll with the punches. I'm learning that God requires much of me, I know better but still believe I can do thins on my own that's a lie. So if you struggle daily just look to the hills and smile God is in control....more