I didnt mean to fall in love with a married man The Saga Continunes

So its been a while and I have missed blogging. but my life had taken a drastic turn. But we are still in love and he plans to divorce his wife this year, so he says. Im really not mistaken that he loves her but he loves me too. So he will be moving me to a new apartment soon and my allowance has been cut down just a little. Last year we collectively spent about 50,000 shopping, taking trips etc. So we are trying to get our finances back on track. I still love him, we havent made a baby yet but we try. We may even try a fertility doctor later own....more

i didnt mean to fall in love with a married man" The Ten things I learned about being a mistress"

If you ever find yourself in my shoes here are some friendly tips and rules to play by.....1. If you are a mistress be just that, dont ever expect anything more from him.2. You set the your limitations, make him wait on you the ball is in your court.3.Make sure you are always avaliable to him, he needs to feel important.4. Enjoy the moment, it may not last always.5. Save his money, whatever he gives to you save some, so when he leaves you will be financially prepared....more

I didnt mean to fall in love with a married man Part 4

Well, the facts are, he is married, still lives with her, and goes home to her everynite. Im just the mistress, a.k.a the other woman. Last week we had our first full blown arguement. He had promised to spend the nite with me and we'd have diner and spend some quality time together. But it didnt haappen as planned, he called saying that we would do diner but he was tired and needed to go home.Right then I realized how much of a liar he truly is. He didnt have to leave he could of stayed and slept beside me that night. He went home to her....more

I didn't mean to fall in love with a married man Part 3

Well it's nearly Christmas and my lover and I have been planning to get pregnant. Oh yes the big No No....So what I'm sure my biological clock is still ticking and I'm feeling really anxious. To my surprise he is excited to. We our now in the process of bringing our own child into this world. I treasure this moment, it's the one thing that his wife can't give him. I want to be his future wife and raise a family with him. His divorce isn't final, but I'm not getting any younger. As I slowly approach mid_ thirties, I understand that my time is near. We want a baby....more

I didnt mean to fall in love with a married man Part 2

bla blah blah that all the rattling going on in my own brain about this man.....if you read part 1 you may be familiar with this blog.....ugh right in the middle of everything on a Saturday night he calls. Where is his wife? Anyhow he asks me to breakfast, as usual every Sunday morning we do breakfast by the ocean. Literally I'm a beach girl whole hearthely and I love the sound of the waves crashing aganist the rocks at night. But tonite I lay alone thinking about his brown eyes. In my mind I play out every scene as if he belonged to me. Well he doesn't love her....more

I didnt mean to fall in love with a married man Part 1

Its been nearly a year since this affair began. In the beginning it seemed to be just a few dates here and there and expensive gifts. I have to say I thought him dating me was just a matter of time. I always kept in mind that he may leave and go back to his wife. But he has yet to do so. At first I started off as just a college student, earning extra income and flying on trips with him. I honestly wanted his money not him. things have changed. The sex is better, the calls are more frequent, he dropping my kids off at school. What the hell happened....more

Recoveryin themind body and spirit

Lately I have been very diligent in life. As it is life doesnt have a map. Life is what you make it. Free from the misery and pain I suffered early on in my blogs, the curtains are now being lifted. Now the woman in the mirror appears to be on her way to wellness. So yes I have changed in many ways. I attend church, bible studies,AA meetings and try to stay connected to postitive people. I have so much more to gain. So yes life is changing for the better even without my permission. I no longer in bondage within myself I feel free as a bird to live life just plain Jane....more


First of if your are a wife, please don't be offended. I write this blog to tell my own personal views on divorce. I thought one day he would leave his wife. But apparently I was sadly mistaken.  For the sake of his privacy ,I will call him "Bill". Bill is a successful businessman with his hands in very cookie jar. I first encountered Bill will seeking a job. It turns out i got the temporary job. To make matters worst he soon called me, informing me that he needed to speak to me in person. I wasn't surprised, I had heard of his intitimate misfortunes with other women....more

Baby Boy " Dad's not here" But I am"

Today was such a challenge. My children's first week  of school, and the teacher calls me to inquire about my sons behavior. Since my divorce my children have been bounced around d between him and I. Unannounced to me divorces affect the children as well. The behaviors he has been expressing is of pure anger and sadness. He is my middle child I call him my baby boy. To make matters worst his father is incarcerated and I'm a single mother for the first time in my life. The teacher seemed really concerned. She was so bright and caring she seemed to really love her job....more

Depression will not win over my life.

Since I was 27 years old I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder also known as clinical depression. Most recently I was then diagnosed bipolar disorder. I swear doctors have a name for any ailment in your mind and body. So since then I have been on a variety of different anti depressant.  I now take three medications per day. So you may wonder what life is like in the mind of a woman with my illnesses. The truth sometimes I can't even tell when I having a manic epiosde, and it happens so naturally that I nearly miss the event persay....more