Me and You and a Dog Named Walter

This past week was my father’s 94th birthday. We had lunch. The three of us: Dad, his care giver and me. I chose a restaurant that was familiar to him and yet he asked, at least ten times, how I found the place. Even though the waiters knew him. Even though he goes there weekly. We shared a glass of Veuve Cliquot because a birthday has never been a birthday in our family without a glass of champagne. We shared a slice of chocolate cake with a candle in it, and yet he couldn’t figure out how to blow out the candle....more

Still In My Pajamas

When my oldest child was two and my middle child was six months, my husband and I moved to a suburb of New York City. My husband had grown up in suburban New Jersey and although I was New York City born and raised, he insisted that the city was not a place to bring up children. He was emphatic. Although I had managed quite well growing up in Manhattan, I deferred to him. True, in the 1980’s, New York City wasn’t what it used to be. Apartments were prohibitively expensive and space was at a premium....more
You're a gifted storyteller, captured and imprisoned my attention from beginning to end, great post!more

Keeper of the Flame

Keeper of the Flame...more

Altered States

Since 2005, my husband and I have moved four times. In addition to those four moves, I also  emptied my parents’ home in Connecticut which was subsequently sold and moved my father, after my mother’s death four years ago this month, to a new apartment fit for one man and a care giver....more

An Enduring Romance and Lasting Friendship

My husband and I started dating in 1980. I knew him through a group of mutual friends but it wasn’t until one night (September 9, 1980 to be exact – I remember those things) that we had our first planned date. After that, he called me daily at work and asked, “What are you doing tonight?” and there wasn’t a night that I wasn’t with him.  At the time, I was living with my parents although from the moment after our first date, I spent every night at my husband’s apartment....more
reading the article made me scared, thankful that i am still single  and at the same time ...more

Vanishing in New York City

There was a small and rugged stationery store in the 1960’s on East 84th street where I sometimes went with Mom when she ordered Crane note cards on heavy cream stock engraved with her initials. I remember it well because it was the first time I saw an adult with Down Syndrome walking with his mother. Mom explained the disorder to me, and the statistics surrounding probability of Down Syndrome for a child of an older mother....more

Devotion: Doggone It

Yesterday began with deception as my husband and I loaded our car with empty suitcases and his golf clubs still here from our last trip. Our apartment has inadequate space for luggage so we store them elsewhere. We leashed up our nine-year-old cockapoo Walter as well. He was scheduled for dental surgery and the removal of a suspicious growth on his back, so we’d drop him at the vet’s on the way....more

Black Bag of Courage

Recently, I recovered from the diaper bag....more

Mother and Pearls

A few months ago, my daughter Ellie and I were in a Northampton, Massachusetts gallery that sells glass, crafts, and jewelry. Ellie was showing me the wedding band that her fiancé Larry chose: A broad band made of palladium that will endure as Larry hefts Goshen stones to create landscape designs....more

After the Fall

OK, so here’s a trick question for you all. What’s worse: Being dressed in black Lycra, exiting the gym (and feeling oh, so sassy) and falling flat on your knee, or being dressed in black Lycra, exiting the gym (and feeling oh, so sassy) and falling flat on your knee in front of a construction crew in muscle shirts?...more