Sleek Cosmetics Solstice Highlighting Palette Swatches, Review, & Demo

PR SampleAffiliate Links Highlight is the name of my makeup game lately. I want them all. Seriously ....more

Spring Beauty Picks that Bring the Luxury Feeling

SponsoredPR Sample I feel like spring has finally sprung! Ryan brought home the most beautiful flowers this week & I felt that buzz of spring in our house truly for the first time this year. Unfortunately it quickly turns to summer here in Las Vegas so I have to soak it up while I can! ...more

IT BRUSHES FOR ULTA – Your Superheroes Full-Size Travel Brush Set Review

Affiliate LinksPR Sample If you’ve been around even a little while then you know It Cosmetics is my jam. I’ve reviewed SO much from the lines that has been a huge hit- this eyeshadow palette (here’s a tutorial even!)…& its Volume 2, these fantastic lipliners, this ridiculously great primer for dry skin…I could go on & on. No really- I could ....more

Zoya Whispers Transitional 2016 Nail Polish Collection Swatches & Review

PR SampleAffiliate Links Ready for some unique subtle shades? I think colors like these often get passed by in the bottle- boring or just blah. But on the nail they can really be brought to life ....more

Cute Travel Must-Haves for Keeping Healthy!

Affiliate LinksSponsored Want a peek inside my gym bag? Then this is the post for you! If you’re coming up on a family trip or just always in a rush then you might pick up some lifestyle favorites too! ...more

Spring Braided Sequin Rosette Hair Tutorial + NuMe 32MM Wand

Affiliate LinksPR Sample What says spring to you? I really get into the “spring spirit” when I break out my pastels- eyeshadow, lipstick, nail polishes, & even hair accessories. To get into the springtime spirit I opted for a hairstyle that is easy with a bit of fun ....more

Spring Break Travel Loves- Girly Trip Must-Haves!

SponsoredAffiliate Links Things I’m loving- finally getting to travel a bit! I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the items I consider must-haves when I’m on the go. & these are especially for spring! ...more

Lancome La Palette 29 Faubourg Saint Honoré Swatches & Review

I’m so late on this one guys. I got this over the holiday season & actually even used it then didn’t review it. I know it isn’t readily available in the US anymore but I still wanted to share in case Lancome ever comes out with something similar! ...more

Paula’s Choice Calm Skincare Redness Relief Kit Review for Normal to Dry Skin

SponsoredPR Sample Things I’m currently loving- matcha green tea, scented oils, & products that are getting my skin under control. I’ve been so incredibly stressed out & my skin is just not having it. Then I got sick & my skin got really angry ....more

Fabulous Body Care for Dry Skin

Affiliate LinksPR Sample I recently did a post about awesome products for moisturizing- hair, face, etc. This one is dedicated only to body care items! I get eczema & just normal dry skin so having a collection of items that really helps to heal & moisturize is so important! ...more