A lot of people have been wondering how are homeschool is going and I am so happy to share this awesome curriculum with you. It’s been so nice to follow our own schedule and has made our lives super flexible. We can work ahead, take longer breaks or even break out work at the dinner table. My little guy enjoys school so much it feels more like an activity to him versus “work”. And with our crazy busy schedules it’s nice to spend so much quality time together....more

Wino! DIY Coaster Made From Wine Corks

Having a husband in the wine industry means we have A LOT of corks lying around. No, it's not from all the wine we drink (I promise), but it is pretty cool. I mean, think of all the project possibilities! Today, we attempted our first cork project, and I will say these coasters came out pretty cute! So if you want to give it a try (I am sure you have some corks lying around after the holidays, right?), here is how we did it. ...more
I love finding new things to do with wine corks. I made a cork board that I absolutely love. You ...more

Wine and the Environment?

  I love wine tasting and learning about pairing it with certain foods. It’s so much fun giving my favorite wines as gifts and there’s just something so elegant about it....more

26 and Chasing Freedom

 I just want to wake up with more time on my hand than hours in the day (In Time)....more

Mommy Makeup Bag

My mommy make-up routine consists of a handful of items and application takes less then 3 minutes. Let's just say my days as a makeup artist indeed pay off...just not in the way I thought, ha! I've had lots of questions as to what I use so I thought I would share with you my current favorites!So my Mommy Makeup Bag consists of the 5 items I can't do without! Yours may be exactly the same or different, that's totally ok! Your favorite items should address your personal concerns so they may not be the same for everyone!...more

Let It Rain

 Well, it happened! We had our first rain in what literally feels like forever. Let’s be clear, it was more like a mist! Regardless, we seized the day (you only live once, right) and we enjoyed every second....more

Milestones for Parents

Well, it was officially our first back to school night! And since it was our turn to go to school, my little guy demanded a photo, I mean it's only fair right? I did take a hundredish on his first day. So this is his super cool (*wink) mom heading out the door. This is totally how I envision my self looking....more

Clean Freak

Do any other Moms have super weird cleaning issues...or am I lost in my own little crazy world?I hate a messy house. It causes me a lot of anxiety. My house directly affects my mood. If it's in chaos then chances are I am not feeling well and will literally lay awake thinking about it.If there are factors in my life that are out of control I will immediately begin organizing and purging. Because you may not be able to control a catastrophic bill, but you can have clean floors.......more

Wild Weekend

The extra long weekend made for a trying Mom week that’s for sure. I am absolutely exhausted and wish I could sleep a solid 6 hours ( I know, I lowered the bar from 8..heck, I’d settle for a solid 4). But as usual, we moms know that’s not going to happen....more

Force The Fall (DIY Burlap Wreath)

So it's official, Labor Day Weekend is upon us! Seems like everyone has plans to savior the last day's of summer. And while we probably should be joining them in their adventures we really are just craving Fall. With the never ending drought over here dust, heat and summer are honestly growing old. So in attempt to force cooler temps we seem to be dedicating our weekend to fall activities (I am sure we will throw in a lazy picnic or two). So in light of cleaning and prepping for Fall I pulled out this bad boy!...more