Vaccinations and Autoimmune Diseases

A few weeks ago I posted on the issue of chicken pox vaccinations for children. I got an interesting comment that brought up the issue of heavy metals in vaccinations, so I thought I'd open the topic up for larger discussion: how safe are vaccines? Are they worth the risk? ...more

Blog Review: Cranky Fitness

Does exercising make you... cranky? Fitness advocates love telling us about how good exercise makes us feel, how much energy it can give us, the endorphins! But honestly, fitness can be a real drag sometimes. There are days when you really have to motivate yourself to work out, and that last thing you need is some smiley swimsuit model urging you to keep going. ...more

Is Your Kitchen Smoking?

Those of us who dwell in big-city apartments face a real dilemma when it comes to fire and carbon monoxide alarms: how to find an alarm that picks up on real dangers but doesn't go off every time we use the stove. A few months ago I installed a combination fire and carbon monoxide alarm in my apartment. To my frustration, the alarm went off every time I cooked! So I turned it off with the intention of replacing it with something better. ...more

Is Eating Out Getting Healthier?

The days of blissful ignorance at your favorite donut shop are numbered... In California the state senate is poised to pass a bill that will require all chain restaurants to post nutritional information, including calories and fats, on their menus. Similar bills are being considered in 21 other states. New York state already passed a similar law that goes into effect July 1. ...more

My Favorite Mineral Sunscreens

Last week I posted on the awesome cosmetics database, Skin Deep, where you find out how safe and effective different brands of sunscreen are. ...more

Website Review: Skin Deep

Image via Ever wonder what's really in your sunscreen? How can you tell how effective it is until you try it? And how safe is avobenzone, anyway? ...more