Fresh Possibilities - Giveaway

I was contacted by the people putting together Kraft Fresh Possibilities Tour, and asked if I wanted to give some Fresh Possibilities a try. Sure! You might guess that I'm not the type to normally pick up prepackaged mixes, but I'm always willing to give something a try. Plus, it's breadcrumbs and cheese, I love both of those things, so what could go wrong? The cool part is they way it's ...more

Revolt 2.0 week 4

Week four is over!? That means there are only 2 weeks left of my Revolt Now Fitness experience left! I told you last week that this second installment of Revolt was seriously kicking butt. The workouts keep my body guessing and I'm loving how often they change! In case you are just tuning in, the workouts are broken down into 3 days of cardio, one day upper body focus, and one day lower body ...more

Going bananas

I go through a ton of bananas in a week. I eat one in a green monster every morning, and John brings one to work most days. In reality it's pretty easy math to figure out how many we need in the week... but somehow we end up eating more or less, and when it's less... you end up with brown overripe bananas. And there is only so much banana bread one feels like eating. So instead of bread this ...more

Revolt 2.0 week 3

When I was first asked to do 2- 6 week long uprisings with Revolt I was thinking "man that's a long time... i'm totally going to get bored with it" Amazingly so it's already the end of week 9, and I am not even close to being bored. Nichole has upper her game with this second uprising, she's taken input from the first 6 week program and has made this second one even better.The workouts have 3 ...more

Cooking on white

I've heard all the arguments about cooking on non stick and if it's going to kill you or not. In truth I can't really tell you what I believe and what I don't. I do know however that a good number of the non-stick pans we got for our wedding (a mear 3 years ago) already look pretty beat up and seem to have lost their non-stickness. I never put pans in the dishwasher, and never use scouring ...more

Revolt 2.0 week 2

Even though I had a bum ankle this past week I was able to modify most of the workouts to work for a one legged person (arm workout Monday instead of Friday, then a modified cadio circuit session Tuesday). By mid week I was able to put weight on my ankle so I was able to do even more of the exercises. The moral of the story is, no excuses people. I'm really hoping to be able to do burpees ...more

PB Energy Balls

Love love love these things. No bake, vegan, gluten free. You can find my post over at Food Fanatic. And you can find the recipe for these Peanut butter oatmeal balls here. YUMMM! Your email will never be displayed publicly, so don't be scared to comment! :) Oh and make sure you type in your blog link so I can click over to you! There is a spot you can type it in. ...more

Revolt 2.0 - week 1

Hey guys! This past week I started Revolt 2.0, basically Nichole took our feedback from the first 6 week program and made things even better!! I'm excited to say there are 3 levels of workouts for each day of the week and the videos explain all the moves at the beginning. The advanced level has really stepped things up so I felt like I was really pushing myself this past week. The bad news is I ...more

Is that turtle wearing baby booties?

Another friend had a baby! You know what the means, crochet time!! Since I just mailed this yesterday I hope I'm not ruining the surprise, but lets face the facts, she's got way more important things to do with any spare time she has right now. #1 on that list being sleep, NOT reading my blog. So I think we're safe people. Devin if you are indeed spending your few spare not busy moments reading ....more

Revolt- week 6

OK guys! I'm done with my first revolt uprising (6 week program) and ready to start my second one! As I told you from the start I was going strictly on her workouts and not following her diet. Having said that... I'm basically the same weight as I was to start. Are my muscles more defined, yes. Did I loose some fat and gain some muscle, I'd say yes. Am I going to follow the diet in the next ...more