Brown Butter Angel Hair Pasta

Why is brown butter so freaking good? I realized a while ago that there aren’t nearly enough brown butter recipes on this blog. This must been remedied ....more

Tropical Breakfast Cookies

If you read my blog regularly, you would know that I love a breakfast cookie. If you don’t, see here, here, and here. See? ...more

Madeline: Three Months

Three months! I can’t believe it. I remember during that first month feeling so frustrated and exhausted with our feeding issues and feeling like three months was so far away ....more

Baked Thai Chicken Egg Rolls

Blogging with a baby in the house has been interesting. Obviously, I don’t always get everything done that I want to, but as long as she is fed, she is usually pretty happy to watch Mommy cook away in the kitchen and take photos. I typically just slide her Rock and Play up to the table next to me while I shoot photos and she just sits there and watches me ....more

Asiago Chicken Sliders

Ever since I returned to work, dinners have been quite a challenge. I get home and my husband is ready for a break to hand the baby over to me. And of course, I want to squeeze in all of the baby snuggles I can get! ...more

Angel Food Cupcakes

When I was growing up, I did not appreciate Angel Food cake. I didn’t really care for it. My grandma used to sometimes buy either Angel Food cake or some pound cake and I remember always being sort of bummed when it wasn’t rich and buttery pound cake ....more

Cashew Chicken

It’s been about 10,000 years since I last posted a take out recipe. This cashew chicken recipe actually used to be a favorite of ours, but I totally forgot about for the longest time. The first time I made it, we had it two days in a row ....more

Raspberry Lemonade Champagne Punch

Today is a special celebration! It is a virtual baby shower for Nicole from The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie! I first met Nicole from just finding each other through other blogs a couple of years ago and then when I moved to Phoenix, we finally got to meet in person ....more

Spicy Chex Mix

So I made this Spicy Chex Mix a really long time ago, like back in the fall before baby arrived. And then I totally forgot that I made it and found the photos sitting on my computer recently while doing some cleaning and freaked out that I forgot about it because this Chex Mix is the bombdiggity (yes, I just said bombdiggity. I’m so 90’s)! ...more

Baked Red Velvet Donuts

It’s February. The month of love and Valentines. Is it really terrible that I have bought nothing for my husband and 10,000 things for my daughter? ...more