Bloggers in the news

I see President Bush accepted an invitation to the White House.  He is helping President Obama's campaign with his presence.  Apparently he forgives all the references to his ineptness in the 2008 to 2012 campaigns. ...more


A pentecostal pastor died after handling a rattlesnake.  He believed snake handling is suggested in the bible.  He had been bitten many times before and recovered.  I remember snakes also caused problems in the Garden of Eden.  HIs father also died from snake bite....more

Vice Presidents

Joe Biden has been a good vice president in the sense that he has supported the President and been loyal.  His responsibilities have been minimal as with most of his predecessors.  Should he be considered for the advancement to being a candidate for president in 2016....more

BP cleanup of Gulf Oil Spill

I believe BP has acted responsibly in cleaning up the oil spill. They have long range goals in monitoring and fixing damage to the environment.  It was never the corporation's intent to harm the Gulf region. ...more

Mitt Romney and Reverend Wright

Mitt Romney has made clear he won't campaign on President Obama's long standing association with Reverend Wright.  This is the same strategy that John McCain employed and is likely to meet with the same end.  Meanwhile some PACs are going head with their criticism of the President's connection with Reverend Wright.  John McCain on Sunday talk shows makes it looks as if he still considers himself the leader of the Republican Party....more

McDonalds Fries

Do all fast food restaurants use meat flavoring in the french fries?  I know McDonalds denied using beef flavoring in fries sold in India where the cow is revered.  Why can't they admit it if they are using it.  Vegetarians have a right to know if animal products are in foods otherwise thought of as animal free (potatoes?)...more

The Value of Berries

Berries are reputed to extend life expectancy.  It is interesting that the cave man's diet of berries and nuts is the modern day version of a healthful diet.  Cavemen also ate dead animals but could not chew or digest it easily.  The berries' color is a clue to their containing antioxidants. ...more

Dick Clarks passing

Dick Clark was part of many people's childhood..  His bandstand show from Philadelphia was formal and staid compared with the later Soul Train.  still he featured many of the talents of the day.  Strange than he never had the Beatles on.  Instead he featured Paul Revere and the Raiders, a poor mans version....more

Why does taking things out make stuff cost more

Why should decaffeinated coffee cost more than regular?  Why should bagel thins (the tops and bottoms only) cost more than full bagels? Obviously they use less dough.  The only exception is skim milk that usually costs less than regular....more

Overweight People paying for two seats on plane

People who occupy two seats should pay for them.  They will feel more comfortable also using the extra space....more