National Craft Month: Art Like a Child

Kids often have the best energy when it comes to crafting because they embrace being creative, they call themselves artists, and they could care less about the mess, color pallet, or medium that they are playing with.  And I stress, playing with.  It is play for them and they jump in with all the vim and vigor that they can to make their art.  Whether they are using play-dough, clay, watercolors, markers, or stickers, they are smiling, laughing, and creating.  You rarely hear them judging their work negatively, but rather showing you their amazi...more

National Craft Month: Finding Inspiration

It's National Craft Month!  Yippee!!  Now what? Have you got a list of projects that you are dying to work on or are you just wanting to try something new?  Are you interested but unsure where to begin?  Are you just overwhelmed by the shear thought of attempting a creative project?  Are you always telling yourself you are not creative? Well – first of all, we are all creative, in different ways, but we all have a way that we creatively express ourselves, so scratch that reason right off of your list. Now, maybe what you need...more

National Craft Month

Well, it is here - officially!  National Craft Month. Now, for those of you who are not crafters, this might seem like an odd thing to blog about.  For those of us who are crafters, however, this is like month-long crafty Mardi Gras.  What I love about this month is that crafters from all over come together and make stuff.  It is that simple.  That pure.  That awesome....more

It really is a great month to get inspired and get motivated. Trust me, once you start, you will ...more