Getting Out Of The Trap Of Addiction and/or Alcoholism

How you can get out of the trap of addiction, and stop letting drugs and/or alcohol control your life. You have no control of your life when addicted to drugs, and YES, alcohol IS a drug, although you may think that you are totally in control. Get out of the trap?...more

From Addict To Author

                                                  From Addict to Author ...more

God Bless you.more

Facing my fears. I did not want to die addicted to drugs

  So many people are dying from drug addiction. The worlds drug addiction rate is at it's record high, and it is so sad, because WE DO RECOVER. The most important tool in my successful recovey was listening to other addicts about their addiction, and how they are now living a drug free life.  is one of my ways of putting my hand out to help. I want everyone to know that no matter how hard life gets, how hopelss it seems, there is always a better life waiting for you. We do recover. ...more

I quit drinking a little more than 9 years ago after 12 years of drinking. It was not an easy ...more