Can we all just collectively agree that life changed when we had children and stop talking about it?

Each night, I walk to my bedroom and look at the inviting bed and prepare to snuggle up with my man and watch some tv. I slip into my boyfriends white tee shirt and slide into those cold silky sheets and close my eyes, when suddenly, my son yells out that he needs water. I've tried everything from leaving a bottle of water by his bed to telling him to get water beforehand. And each night, I think to myself, "Why can't I just sit down for two minutes?" Here's why I can't... I decided that the world needed to have a smaller version of me walking around....more

This is the RIBOH

  This is RIBOH. Its medical term is Rage Induced Beast of Hell. It lives at the very end of my brain. Here is the CT scan imageā€¦   ...more