What's New at School? #BacktoSchool

    Recently, I spent sometime around elementary and middle school kids, chaperoning a group of children through the Zoo. While watching the lions and cubs, one of the children started singing Katy Perry's "Roar". It started with just one voice, then the other kids chimed in and started singing the lyrics aloud together....more

Sip and Nibble

   Happy Fourth of July! Greeting from Steps4Health! How are you celebrating the Fourth? Viewing a parade or fireworks? Having a picnic or BBQ? Are you enjoying your summer? How do you beat the heat? When temperatures are high, some people eat light, especially when outdoors. They just sip and nibble through the heat. Have you been sipping and nibbling to fit into your swimsuit or shorts for the summer season? What do you sip and nibble on?Sip on cranberry juice, nibble on a cheese stick,Sip on lemonade, nibble on a handful of nuts,...more

Fitness for Kids


Football Fans: Healthy Pre-Game, Tailgate Tips!

 Football Fans: Healthy Pre-Game Tailgate Tips!...more


     What is your favorite holiday, Christmas cookie? One of my favorite cookies is the gingersnap. My grandfather introduced me to the spicy gingersnap cookie as a child. You could dunk your gingersnap in your glass of milk or coffee, or add it to a bowl of vanilla ice cream to soften it before taking a bite. Early as a child, I had to periodically stop eating gingersnaps as my teeth loosened....more

What ball do you chase?

       Steps4Health tweets and blogs nutrition and fitness information. This particular blog posting is just a lighthearted reflection on some of the sports games we play for fun and fitness. Do you play a sport? Do you play a sport where you must chase a ball? When you hear the phrase, "Let's go hit some balls," which sport do you think of? Do you think of golf, tennis, baseball, or other sports?      Golfers want to go hit some balls, so do tennis players....more

SWISH - Healthy Greens

     What is your favorite leafy green vegetable? What do you grab at the store when you have a taste for greens or salad? Spinach, romaine, or mixed baby greens? Recently, Steps4Health gave two "Healthy Greens" food demonstrations. People were interested in talking about the food they eat and food they want to try. As people passed my display table, I noticed some had already chosen bunches of greens to make a salad, or to add to their main course meal they were planning later that day....more