Abigail: Eight Months

Abby - You’re eight months old now. I’m pretty sure I say this every month, but I simply cannot believe it. You are a tiny ball of amazing and each day with you is better than the last ....more

Finding the Silver Lining

Our refrigerator died this weekend. Normally when an appliance dies, it’s a sad moment, the it’s off to Sears to get a new one. But this time, it’s not so easy ....more

Summertime Blues

I can’t explain it, but this summer has been hard for me. So many nights I come home and crawl into bed. A few nights I actually went to bed at 8pm ....more

Abigail: Seven Months

My sweet Peanut- I honestly didn’t believe you were seven months old until I looked at the calendar and, holy crap, there it was. Another 28th down. Your seventh month was so epic it FLEW by! ...more

Buses, trains, and Pearl Jam concerts

This past weekend, Tim and I ventured to the lovely city of Chicago to see Tim’s favorite band play (Pearl Jam) in his favorite baseball stadium (Wrigley Field). We thought it’d be fun to write this blog as a duo, mostly because I think he can describe the music so much better than I can, and I can tell a better story than him. (Which is a little funny to me, because you know a lot more about music than I do, and I’ve had much more formal training in writing ....more

Passing it on

I was somewhere around Aric’s age when I went to my first air show. My uncle was a pilot; he even served in the army as an air traffic controller. My grandpa (Papa) had a fascination with all things related to airplanes, and between the two of them, they passed on their love to me ....more


I cannot tell you how many times I’ve opened and closed a new post window lately. I have so much to say, yet so very little. We are cramming as much summer and family fun time into each weekend that we possibly can ....more

To the new mama

This past weekend I got to go to a baby shower for a good friend of ours. And she’s probably the cutest pregnant lady I’ve ever seen! So happy, so glowing, so pregnant I’m not so hot with the words in real life (even with people I know!!) so I thought I’d write her a a couple tips here with some tips on surviving these last weeks of pregnancy and the first months of parenting ....more

Abigail: Six Months

Official 6 month picture to be added later! Dearest Abby- Six months might possibly be my favorite baby age ever. You are at your chubbiest, friendliest, most playful you’ve been all your short life ....more

What Weekends Are Made Of

This weekend we did it all. No, seriously. All the things. Thank goodness I was off on Friday, otherwise there’d be no way that we could have had as wonderful a week as we did! ...more