A Little Love In Your Heart


DIY Cupids Wings

 DIY Angel Wings... just in time for Valentine's Day! Please Click HERE for the link.  Thank you from Stilettos In The Mud...more

Adventures in Juicing

Home For The Holidays Contest

  There is something about this time of year that inspires me to create beauty in my home. This year, with my cowboy still mending from his work related accident, our budget is tighter than ever... but it hasn't stopped me from getting creative with what I have!  ...more

Risky Business

Ok... so funny story... I have the house to myself (yeah sliding across the floor like Tom Cruise in Risky Business... only in my sweats...well not really.. as that could truly be risky business) and I'm feeling good. It is the first day in a long string of days I haven't woken up in pain or with a headache! Oh... this is grand! All the way to my toes lovely!...more

Just Peachy

On our way back from the cowboy's occupational therapy appointment, early this morning, we came across a vendor, from Idaho, selling peaches. ...more

Messy Tacos

One of my family's favorite recipes. Please let me know if you try it out and what you think! :)Messy Tacos@ Stilettos in the Mud: Confessions of a Counterfeit Country Girl...more

Pico de Gallo Recipe

Check out my salsa/ pico de gallo recipe compete with pictures! Im sure you will love it! Pico de Galloat Stilettos in the Mud...more

Go with your gut

I don't know about others but I always second guess myself and lean toward going with the "safe" route. The older I get though, I want to shake off constraints and walk a little closer to the wild side lol... but not cross any lines hahaa! If you have been reading this blog you will know I have this fondness for deals as well as auctions. Quite some time back I bought a wooden farm table at an auction which was in EXCELLENT condition... that was before it was stored in the garage....more

Maybe I'm Weird