Another BLACK leader KILLED

A black family is torn about AGAIN.  The black community is moaning the lost of a black leader.  Another one. A black leader is shot down & killed. Yep another one.   What leader?...more

Why are married folks suffering from depression?

Depression doesn’t discriminate and everyone is a target for it. It’s important that you know YOU. That you set boundaries. That you love self enough to know when things are out of whack and is ok with saying “Hold the hell up I’m not ok.”...more

Your Marriage in One Word

Every year, we talk about the mission of our marriage & what we want to accomplish in the year. This will not change in 2014. We will have a mission for our marriage but this year, I am stepping out & adding a word to my year....more
I love the word that you picked; You and your husband are an inspiration and a bridge you can ...more

Iyanla Fix My Life [Marriage]

On Saturday, Iyanla Vanzant season premiere of her hit TV show, Fix My Life, was a story about Terrell Owens. Terrell Owens was once a #1 Football star that made history & memories on the football field.  Now you probably saying, what does his story have to do with Still Dating My Spouse. I am so glad you asked....more

How to keep your marriage from shutting down like the government

When  our marriage shutdown, it resembles so much of the government shutdown we witnessed just recently.A Federal government shutdown caused the world as we know it to STOP and to become disarrayed. The people of the US weren’t sure of what to do, how to act, or even if they would be able to survive. Ultimately the shutdown stopped all growth within the government....more