Are bad guys real?

"Mommy," says BG ...more


It's a trait I see and admire so, in other people.Your grace, your courage, your vulnerability.But I'm just a mess,...more


"First you want to color the J and the jellyfish," our beloved children's librarian had instructed. "Then you can glue it to your paper. ...more


You know what would be great sometimes? If we could have a parenting co-op where we could take turns putting each other's kids to bed.Because God knows our kids would never treat other moms the way they treat us.But seriously, what would be amazing about this would be that when we said "omg, you will never believe..." And our friends said "I know," we would believe them. Really believe them ....more

Quiet Time

The toddler had nestled into her crib after only moments of fussing, laughingly declaring. "Bed. Okay ....more

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,Now. I'm not one to disrespect the turkey. But I see you out there ....more


It is ten o'clock on a Sunday night. ...more

4 good things about today

1. My coffee was amazing this morning. 2. The four year old and I finished Beezus and Ramona tonight. 3 ....more

The next day

Today I feel overwhelmed. ...more


Today was a good day.It didn't always feel that way. ...more