It would be safer not to talk about this.

I’ve wanted to write this post for a long time, because I think there must be others out there who feel as I do, who don’t know how to classify themselves, and who, like me, are afraid of speaking up, because it’s pretty much guaranteed that people—probably on both sides—are going to come out of the woodwork to berate you. And I, for one, really don’t like confrontation. I’m a listener, an observer. I tend to stay in the background, watching, gathering information, thinking, deciding how I feel, formulating responses that I may or may not share....more

On Wholeness: A Child of Divorce Begins Her Family

While those who know me well were perhaps aware of this a long time ago, it’s only in the last few years, really, that I think I became aware of my own obsession with family. Maybe a longing for wholeness is always present in children of divorce. In my case, the split happened when I was very young, only a year or so old. My mother got remarried when I was two-and-a-half, so I grew up in a home with two parents. ...more
My fiance's son is in a similar situation as how you grew up. Him & his ex-wife divorced shortly ...more

23 and 31: A Comparison, of Sorts

I just reread the blog I wrote about a month ago (titled “I’m Whining and Ranting, But I’m Seven Months Pregnant So PLEASE SHUT UP (or, HUGS NOT WORDS),” if that gives you an idea of my state of mind at the time) and am pleased to realize that at eight months pregnant, I seem to be feeling generally much better about life.  Part of this, I’m sure, is that my elderly cat’s abscess wound has healed, even though he’s still being annoying as all hell and still not always using the litter pans—but at least we’re no longer having to cram pills down his throat or clean the wound in the bathtu...more

I’m Whining and Ranting, But I’m Seven Months Pregnant So PLEASE SHUT UP (or, HUGS NOT WORDS)

I’m feeling the urge to write something, but I can’t decide what.  Not fiction, not right now.  Something that shares some feeling or insight on my own life, I guess, but, again, what?  I used to find this much easier, just going off on a random thought or idea.  Now it just feels like I’m in way too much danger of repeating myself. I feel emotionally raw right now.  I have the intense desire to nest coupled with the frustration that I don’t have the time to do it.  And no, this isn’t a side effect of pregnancy, or not completely.  I have always be...more

Please don't mistake me for the person you think I am.

Do you sometimes feel like even the people who know you best don’t really know you at all—or that they’ve missed some essential part of you?...more

Thoughts, mixed with memories, on staying home.

So, I’ve been meaning to write a new blog for a while, since I’ve only managed to write a total of four since—when did I first start this blog?—October?...more
I think you are right on about the conflict between women's lib and those of us who think ...more

Waiting at NTB, Mary's Love, and Wall Street

So, last Friday night, I went to NTB after work to get my oil changed (I'd received a coupon in the mail for a 16-dollar oil change from them, but I was bracing myself for them to try to sell me everything from windshield wiper blades to new tires...and I was not wrong)....more

Apologies on Behalf of My Younger Self

Cynicism, I believe, is mostly thwarted idealism. We are cynical because we can imagine a better world but have despaired of the possibility of achieving it. As we get older, I think this can have two results (well, likely more than two, or variations or degrees of the two, but simplification is necessary or we’ll be here all day): either 1) we become irredeemably bitter, OR 2) we learn to accept, and we thus become softer around the edges, more tolerant, more loving....more

Why I Shouldn't Wear Rainboots

At some point before my alarm went off this morning, I recognized that it was storming. It was easy enough to make the decision not to get up and walk--I couldn't have taken Charlie for a walk because it was raining too hard, and we've had bad experiences with that before--and especially with thunder and lightning being involved. I thought I might still get up and walk on the treadmill, but I talked myself out of that, too. I used to be so good about morning exercise, because I knew I would always feel better if I just made myself do it--but that's getting harder and harder....more

Insurance Agents, Groceries, and Dog Puke: Why I'm Writing this Blog

I've never been a serious blogger, though I used to have something of a following back in MySpace days. And I've been paid to write blogs for other people, trying to promote a product or a service. But I've never had a blog of my own on an actual blog site, so we'll see how this goes. My thought was that I'm tired of having conversations in my head, at work all day when the nature of my job (proofing and editing) tends to preclude association with coworkers....more