Unique Gift Wrap

Last week while getting my haircut, I was chatting with my stylist about something or other when she suddenly stated, “Oh my goodness… why are you creating another project for yourself?!” And then we laughed and laughed because after 10+ … Continue reading → ...more

Movie Night: Elf

Last week’s movie night didn’t go quite as planned. I had barely pushed “publish” on the post when my husband mentioned he was meeting up with a friend and wouldn’t be home for it. Then my son called to tell … Continue reading → ...more

Holiday Hostess Gifts

Over the last few months of...more

Movie Night: White Christmas

If you’ve been around this blog for a while or simply know our family, it’s no secret that we have a deep love for holiday movies. It’s simply not Christmas without at least one viewing of some of our favorites. … Continue reading → ...more

Toffee Cookie Tips and Tricks

During my first year of blogging...more

Last Minute Thanksgiving Details.

If you’re anything like I am, many of the seasonal crafts and details that you plan are often never fully realized because the clock runs out. My visions of a Martha approved holiday give way to frantic shouts to my … Continue reading → ...more

Personalize Your Thanksgiving Table

It’s been an interesting year. 12 months ago I began the process of transitioning from a stay at home mom to formally re-entering the workforce. It’s been a year of constant uncertainty as I’ve worked for several employers, trying to … Continue reading → ...more

Love Your Locker

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My Extraordinary Kid!

Today’s post is a little different. ...more

Alternative to a Traditional Bow

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own blog, there are two cardinal rules to follow: 1) Be Consistent 2) Write about something you love and you’ll never run into writers block. Well if you’ve read this blog for any … Continue reading → ...more