SNIPPETS VII: Step in and Step Out

She had her coat on with the furry hood and her oldest worn boots. She stepped out and realized she forgot to put her leggings on under her jeans as the cold attacked her legs. She ran down the street to the store to get exactly what she needed: butternut squash, onions, peppers and crackers. She already had the cheese and chocolate. At the checkout she looked at the girl behind the counter and saw how sad she looked. Miserable, in fact, with tears in her eyes. ...more


She woke up with a urinary tract infection. Burning pain as she peed, the feeling that her bladder was dropping out of her body, blood on the toilet paper. Yeast infection well in effect, with an itch that was dull yet perpetual. The two go hand in hand, she found out. Blurred senstion behind her eyes, feeling utterly exhausted. She still didn't want those pills. So she took out her books and began to read. Bladder infection signifies being angry, usually at someone close to you, "pissed-off" literally. ...more

SNIPPETS V: A Couple of Days in the Life of a Satisfied Woman

She wasn't kidding when she said she was ready for a change. The first day she had off she was watching the time fly by as she fulfilled all the tasks she planned for herself. She did laundry, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom floors, scrubbed the sinks and tub, put the new comforter on the bed, hung the new curtains and blinds, whipped up a cherry-almond cake, went to the drug store for toilet paper, contact solution, soap and dishwashing liquid. Then she saw a movie, ate lunch, had a snack, checked her email and read three chapters in her book. All of this was accomplished before 7:00pm. ...more

SNIPPETS IV: Life and Death

She thought the day would never come. She had forgotten what it was like, and began to believe there was no such thing, at least for her. In this lifetime she might not ever have one again, that feeling that was so familiar as a child, for weeks at a time. Months, even. She thought the only way would be to go back to school and become a teacher, since they're the only ones who get it. But it wouldn't be enough so she would have to work summers and that would negate the whole idea. She thought about what was happening to her and began to identify with prisoners on television. ...more

This is based on my experience with a woman who has worn nothing but gray for seven years, and ...more

SNIPPETS III: Familial Patterning

Her parents were driving her crazy and her sister is seriously disturbed, so she said. The pent-up frustration over her entire family's insanity was creeping up on her again and seeping into her veins and I felt like I could see them all behind her eyes, trying to burst out of her at any moment. She was always such a committed, connected person, and I always felt I was the most important person when she was listening to me. But I also felt that underneath that exterior was a controling, furiously angry girl who could pop your face off at the turn of a dime. ...more

SNIPPETS II: Beginnings with Ends

Today I reflected on the year that has past. A lost friendship, a marriage, a lost aunt, new but old family crystal and pewter and silver and photos, lost of photos. Time to be grateful for what we have and what we are gifted with everyday. The meaning of a gift, whether a Hershey's kiss or a Tiffany's serving platter resonate deeply with the memories they create. I love my life, and my career. My career, still in its microcosmic stage, is growing everyday in ways I cannot see. But I feel. Tea and cookies and cheese and crackers, and I remember that I baked her a cake for her birthday. ...more

SNIPPETS: Saving Face

A gifted artist who she knew in high school and hadn't spoken to in over a decade presented her with this question after finding her on Facebook and viewing her wedding pictures that her friend had tagged her in: "Congratulations on becoming a wife. I remember a time when that would have been unthinkable to you. What changed?" She paused to consider the strange pit-feeling that arose in her stomach from this inquiry. ...more