Meeting Nancy Pelosi (When Women Succeed)

This year, Thanksgiving has been a particularly interesting week. It started the week before, when I got a phone call from a person at a local advocacy group for moms. Turns out, while I was signing one of those petitions, and clicked on one of those "Share your Story" links...someone actually read my story. They read my story, and then when Nancy Pelosi came to town, called on me to speak on a panel with her. When I was asked if I was available, if I'd be willing, and all that, I said "YES!!". ...more

Working Mother

Ironic…I have been thinking about getting more posts on here, particularly about this topic of being a working mom recently. Of course that whole “being a working mom” thing has rendered me pretty tired, so it hasn’t happened. See, working … Continue reading → ...more

Countdown Begins…

In one week, we will no longer be living where we currently reside…the pressure is on, the purge is in full effect. Wednesday, for example there are more than 10 bags of stuff being picked up, and that doesn’t count … Continue reading → ...more

Local Economy

DC Drama. I keep hearing something new, every day it seems recently of the shenanigans going on in our country. First thing that really caught my attention was the defunding of SNAP program (aka taking food from the people who … Continue reading → ...more

Freewheeling UX Agent…

Yes, that is what I am realizing I am. Through this time of not having much paid work I am noticing a habit I have that is finding errors/room for improvement in the sites of both people I know or … Continue reading → ...more

Crisis Management

I am realizing that this is a role, or position that I am pretty comfortable stepping into. I used to work as a “Technical Escalation Manager” and it served me very well. I enjoyed working with very frustrated people to … Continue reading → ...more

Mean Old People

I have a hard time dealing with mean old people. I don’t know if it is just me or if everyone is like this but it seems that when peers/younger folks are mean it rolls right off my back…but when … Continue reading → ...more

My Kids Are Fighting Over Liverwurst!!

I love it when this happens!! I have been taking as many carbs as I can out of our diet recently for health reasons, I’ve been on a journey this summer to release some pounds and I figure healthy eating … Continue reading → ...more

Strength & Memory!

After going to Yoga yesterday, I am totally sore today, okay, I was tempted to name this post sore and forgetful but to keep it positive I went with strength and memory, so my point is that the soreness is … Continue reading → ...more

Epstein Barr & Multiple Sclerosis

I just read an article from WebMD about Epstein Barr & Multiple Sclerosis, it is interesting in that they took some people, (this is how I understood it, read article if you are really curious) and tested these people for … Continue reading → ...more