Have Blog. Will Post Cute Photos

Once upon a time, I thought this online web log space would be simply for sharing adorable photos of my children. So I’m going to take the opportunity to do so right now. Because I can ....more

The Great Comcast Saga

I write a monthly column over at...more

The NFL and Domestic Violence

We’ve long heard the arguments that our kids will be scarred and forever altered by violence in video games or movies, despite parents educating our impressionable youths that it’s merely make-believe. So what do we say when it’s real-life role models (for better or worse) demonstrating violence? Domestic violence attorney Nicki Ford is speaking out on the subject ....more

Pre-K Problems

It’s rough out there for the preschool big kids. There’s a lot to live up to. But sometimes, there are problems only the pre-k’ers can truly understand ....more

Chivalry Isn’t Dead Yet

We’re living in a society of every man for himself. Articles across these here interwebs decry the decay of manners and etiquette. So it’s up to me to raise my muppets to one day serve as productive members of society ....more

Fun with Fishing

Search and Destroy received fishing rods for their birthday. So this past weekend, we headed to a local pond where a friend had assured us fish were practically leaping out of the water to eat bait. “That was the thing about nature: make one lousy rule to describe it and it’ll contradict you even if it has to transmogrify and metamorphosize and bust its ass to do it.” – The River Why, David James Duncan Jon made a special trip across town to procure the desired “SureCatch” live bait ....more

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

ER Selfie I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend. We celebrated with baby boy’s first concussion. You’re thinking I already shared this post ....more

Pre-K (Chaos in the Classroom)

When I first dropped the muppets off in the toddler room of their preschool, Destroy still couldn’t walk. Search couldn’t (or more likely wouldn’t) talk. They’ve had three years of amazing teachers since ....more

Care and Consideration of Loveies

“Elle is my friend,” is a common refrain heard around of my house. Elle is an elephant – well, a stuffed elephant atop a soft grey baby blanket. She also goes by the name “Shaking Elle” due to the embedded rattle in her head ....more