An Open Letter to My Sons on Their Fifth Birthday

Five has always been my lucky number. So 5-years-old was the age I dreamt about during the early days of our adventure. Especially since the neurological studies kept reminding me that 90 percent of a child’s brain develops throughout the first five years of life ....more

Then and Now

Happy fifth...more

Turning 5: Danger Zone

Revvin’ up your engineListen to her howlin’ roarMetal under tensionBeggin’ you to touch and go Memorial Day weekend is once again upon us. And as we have for the past four years, it was time to celebrate the unexpected arrival of Search and Destroy. Wait, what? ...more

TechMom Tuesday: Voltron the Zippy Locks Me Out

* This post was originally published on I am officially a commuter. I think it may be somewhere in the Silicon Valley bylines that I must then acquire a commuter car ....more

Stranger Danger at the Mall

Last night I went to dinner with a friend from out of town. (It was Clinton Fitch, aka my TechMom Tuesday editor. This is not entirely relevant to the story, but an excellent opportunity for a plug that I shan’t hesitate to take.) We discussed mobile trends and the directions of varying operating systems well past sunset ....more

A Little Bit Rock-n-Roll

“Mommy, I need the music.” It’s a refrain that’s part of our daily routine now. We get in the car, the radio magically bursts into commercial, and Destroy demands music. The moment a song begins playing, Destroy starts in with the questions: “What song is this?” “Who’s singing?” “What’s the band?” “What’s the singers name?” (FYI – Shout out to Siri here for keeping me in the know, thereby preserving my status as mom with all the answers ....more

When There is Nothing Left to Give

Last night I read the book, “The Giving Tree,” before tucking the muppets in for the night. It’s a book I remember from my childhood, as it has been a staple for generations. As I closed the door to their room, I was overcome with nostalgia for reading comprehension ....more

Running the Bases

Base path: the area between two bases on a baseball field where a player must remain while running from one base to the other. It differs throughout each developmental stage, though. See the typical route players run as they advance in age: ...more

Battle with the Backstop

T-ball is far more dangerous than I initially anticipated. Surprisingly, this has nothing to do with balls or bats. I presume those dangers come into play once the wee ones graduate into actual baseball ....more

The Doppelganger

There is a boy next door the boys have befriended. I was thrilled to find a family lived close to us, as I think it’s an important rite of childhood to run amok with the local youth of the neighborhood. Both boys were eager for their first play date ....more