Zappos Sent Me Used Underwear

Sometimes a customer service crisis really is just the basis for an amusing anecdote. And I thought we could all use a good laugh. (Also, I tried to come up with a witty title for this post and then decided … Continue reading → ...more

Then and Now

Happy sixth birthday, Muppets ....more

An Open Letter to My Sons on Their Sixth Birthday

I spent the better part of the afternoon on my hands and knees bleaching the bathroom floor. There are people coming over tomorrow for a birthday party and there is pee all over. Age six and aim is not … Continue reading → ...more

Little League: Observations of Coach Pitch

When Major League Baseball kicked off the 2016 season, my sons insisted we watch the San Jose Sharks game instead of the Oakland Athletics’ game 2. I immediately questioned all genetics. But still, I could tell there was minor improvement … Continue reading → ...more

Regular Person

GrammaJ hung out with the muppets while Jon and I made a quick getaway. Mid-grandmothering, she received a call from UCLA Medical Center regarding records requested for a school nurse. This would have made perfect sense, given that said school … Continue reading → ...more

Mother’s Day Mad Dash

“You are invited to a very special mother’s day treat,” the invitation read. “The children have been working very hard to prepare a very special treat for you. Please join us to celebrate your day with a morning event meant … Continue reading → ...more

Just Say Yes to Drugs

“How do you feel about medication?” Our pediatrician’s question reverberated through my mind. I felt the same way as any other kind of pharmaceutical intervention – positively delightful if it makes a difference. Better living through chemistry as we align … Continue reading → ...more

Play by Play of Coach Pitch Practice

Little League season has begun. Is there anything more hilariously chaotic than practice? I’d give you an update on our first game of the season, but a California rarity occurred: We got rained out ....more

ADHD: It’s a Continuing Saga

Holding the boys back a year is not an option. Because this would mean they’d turn 19 during their senior year of high school, repeating kindergarten would make them ineligible to play high school sports their senior year. Granted, they … Continue reading → ...more


I made it through six years at Chaparral Elementary School without being sent to the principal. Destroy made it three weeks. It didn’t surprise me ....more