Inserting Logic Where It Doesn’t Belong

Search and Destroy have reached the age where their primary goal in life is to end their brother. I remember this phase. I still bear the scars from where my own brother and I bashed each other in the face with Lego bricks ....more

Naptime Nowadays

We still put the boys down to “rest.” Science may say that naps are no longer healthy after the age of 2, but I would like to invite Science to come deal with muppets after a long day and no nap. (Also, I am 34 and still greatly enjoy naps. So does most of Europe ....more

Kindergarten Registration

This morning I sat at Starbucks contemplating how quickly time passes. I was waiting for a 10:30 a.m. appointment to register my tiny boys for kindergarten. The first three months of their little lives were by far the longest days of my three decades ....more

Valentine’s Day: Not Even Pinterest Enough to Fail

I won’t sugarcoat it. Valentine’s Day is not my thing. It is a shmoopy memorial brought into being by the greeting card industry ....more

Book Review: The Secret Life of Book Club

Book Club Just Got Real. Have you ever been a member of a book club? I’ve been in a few over the years – any excuse to escape reality, really ....more

Sexism is Alive and Well in the American Auto Industry

Jon’s car began to sputter and cough “Uncle.” Which, of course, was communicated via mechanic bills becoming exponentially higher than the entirety of the vehicle’s worth. So the decision was made to go car shopping. My prior car history involves running a vehicle until it is ready to return to its origins of fossil fuel in a fiery blaze of glory – sometimes quite literally ....more

Disneyland is a Pain in the Shoulder (Vaccinate Your Kids)

Preface: I am not a doctor. But I believe in medicine. Science exists whether I believe it or not ....more

Career Day Conversation in the Car

On the drive home from school today, Destroy began to muse about his past and future. ********** transcribed by Mommy Superheroes can fly really fast. We saw real superheroes at our birthday party when we were 4 ....more

Three Years Gone By

I spent this morning’s commute trying to explain to my sons the concept of death. Search: Mommy, why did Cooper have to die? Me: He was very old and sick, sweetie ....more