Kangaroo Care

It seems as though, for much of the country, Mother Nature decided, “To hell with fall, WINTER IS COMING!” This morning my California hometown dipped to a frigid 45 degrees. That is just downright cold as we waited for the promised 68-degree high. I mean, not even in the 70s! ...more

World Prematurity Day 2014

Destroy came tearing around the living room corner, slip-n-sliding face first into the kitchen island – a less coordinated Risky Business move across the hardwood floors in Batman socks and Avengers Underoos. There was a pause, as my little superhero decided whether to resume his reign of destruction or scream bloody murder. “I’m ok!” he decided before taking off again toward the certain doom of a Lego strewn floor ....more

If You Give Silicon Valley a Starbucks

We’ve been reading a lot of the “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” series. A lot. Enough to make me realize that real life is just as circular ....more

Thought Process of a Preschooler

Do you want to build a snowman to help people? Can you follow the train of thought of a preschooler? Watch out – there are a lot of twists and turns, along with seemingly impossible leaps, ahead ....more

Attack of the Great Black Beast

It was the picture perfect sunny Saturday morning. GrammaJ was in town; Search had already demonstrated his propensity for scootering and it was time to show off the big boy bikes. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to steal a shower ....more

We’re Going to a Dead Man’s Party (or trick-or-treating the neighborhood)

I spent the morning convincing Destroy that Darth Vader was not a superhero to be sported on superhero day at school. (The boys’ preschool class isn’t allowed to do Halloween costumes.) So when evening rolled around, Search and Destroy were eager to take over the world’s candy supply as the costumed duo, Prince Charming and Darth Vader. This was the year they really “got it.” They even picked out their own costumes (so much for my adorable twin themes) ....more

Happy Halloween: Disguises through the years (2014 Edition)

Another year, another adorable terrible twosome. The force was with them as they raced down block after block, pumpkin baskets in hand, ready to charm the candy out of all our neighbors. 2014 – Handsome Leading Men (Darth “Dark” Vader and Prince Charming) 2013 – Mike Wazowski and (big blue monster) Sully 2012 – Dragons (RAWR) 2011 – The Muppets! ...more

Hospital Clinic of Horrors

Just in time for Halloween, many people are search out the creepy and macabre. Fright fests and haunted houses – all for the quick thrill of an elevated heart rate while you try to catch your breath. Forget the zombies, ghouls, goblins and ghosts; never mind the dilapidated abandoned asylum ....more

Dark Vader, The Child Formerly Known as Prince, Octopus Crime and a Seriously Skilled Breakdancing Sophia the First

Halloween season is in full swing. We were invited to attend the Monterey Bay Aquarium trick-or-treat dance party. Who wouldn’t want to get down with creatures of the deep? ...more

TechMom Tuesday: The Problem with Pants (or iPhone 6 and form factor)

Due to a poor experience with customer support, Clinton has decided to shut down AlliOSNews, the...more