TechMom Tuesday: OneDay at a Time

I write a monthly column over at...more

In Judgment of Other Parents

I think I’m supposed to begin this post with the cliché disclaimer of, “I don’t like to judge…” or “Far be it from me to comment on another parent…” but that’s exactly what I plan to do. So. Gird your loins – I’m about to get judgey up in here ....more

Must Love Dogs

Dogs make me happy. The unconditional love. The uncontained excitement so intense they can’t help but piddle on the kitchen rug because you’ve been gone for forever (or 20 minutes) ....more

Paradise Point and the Jet Ski

Let me immediately disabuse you of the notion that we spent the past week in actual paradise: everyone knows that’s in Hawaii. We were in San Diego. A week of fun in the California sun – complete with muppets and grandparents ....more

Wordless Wednesday: The Summer Bucket List

Summer vacation is upon us. I think Search...more

So You Want to Publish a Book?

Nope. Last week I attended BlogHer 14 – the 10th annual conference for women in the blogosphere (and anyone else interested in attending). My first foray into the world of writing conferences was BlogHer 12 ....more

Pooping for Prizes

Destroy wouldn’t poop in the potty. We were pretty sure it wasn’t a gastrointestinal issue. So by the time we’d reached the dosage of two full adult servings of Miralax per day, it was time to take a stand ....more

How to Jump Start a Car

The hospital let me know that I was due for a blood draw. So bright and early Sunday morning (because I wasn’t foregoing breakfast a moment longer than needed) I pulled into the almost empty parking lot. There was another car near the hospital’s front entrance ....more

Fingerpaint Threatens Friendship (or this means war)

The mercury stretched toward 90. We were planning beach trip to celebrate the second birthday of the pixie stix. The boys were outside playing while I packed up our gear ....more

High School Never Ends

Have you ever wondered what the heck your preschooler is obsessing over? It may be a Disney Jr. show (and accompanying characters) ....more