What You Should Know About Painting Your Front Door Black

You remember my Purple Rain inspired front door, right? Here it is, before: and ... after: ...more
I love the added detail with the accessories. We have a new door which has never been painted as ...more

DIY Kitchen Island Makeover

Instead of ripping out all of my countertops, I set my sights on changing only one: the island. I thought, why not give the island a makeover complemented the rest of my kitchen? ...more
I am thrilled to find the idea of two Ikea butcher blocks connected to make a larger island! I ...more

My New Facebook Page!

Won't you join me (please) in Facbook-land? ...more
@streetwiseDIY  Out with the old and in with the new! I look forward to seeing your new spot :)more

DIY Union Jack Headboard

One of our passions is collecting new and vintage rock memorabilia...of the punk-rock-British-invasion variety. Here is a sneak peek at some of the elements that will make their way to our newly remodeled industrial basement and our guest bedroom addition. ...more

Our CHEAP Kitchen Makeover!

Introducing our transformed kitchen -- one of the projects I am the most proud of! ...more

DIY Upholstery and Slipcover--I Did It!!

Here is a quick glimpse to show you what I've been up to (step-by-step tutorial will come, someday). This is my very first ever attempt at sewing / reupholstery...AND? I didn't know how to sew until now. Proof that it CAN be done yourself...even with a beginner's sewing machine with poor consumer reviews. ...more

Why It Took 10 Years to Diagnose My Son's Autism

Thirteen years ago, I had my first child...my son, Ethan. Like any mom, the one thing I hoped for was a healthy child. By all accounts, he was exactly that. I read all of the books I could get my hands on before he was born, and I really thought I had a firm handle on this parenting thing. At some point during my first year of Mommyhood initiation, I developed an unwavering tenacity to take on whatever obstacles life would deal to me. I had a newfound purpose in life that I had never felt before. A Momma Bear was born. ...more

DIY & Editing My Poor Color Choices

In this post you will witness my neurosis with color and getting it exactly right. Although the "mistakes" are subtle, I think you will see why I freaked out and started over. During my recent stair railing makeover, I tried to step outside of my normal comfort zone and "warm up" my color scheme by bringing out the reds in my flooring. My house is an open loft style and the railing is visible from nearly every vantage point, including the kitchen, office, foyer, living room, sunroom. Each room flows right into the next. So in this case, the color had to be right. ...more
I like it! I am tempted to do that with our stairs.more

Decorating in the 'Burbs: Do the Neighbors Like Your Tastes?

Sometimes after I make a design decision, my friends and family look at me like I have three heads. Often times, I end up second guessing myself. ...more

Day 2: Steampunk Reconnaissance + DIY tips

I'm a very careful shopper and find myself doing obsessive amounts of research before I commit to a final look. (Ok, I'm cheap--single motherhood and a large mortgage will do that to a person). But be honest, DIY doesn't always cost less than buying...and sometimes buying doesn't offer the exact look a person wants. ...more
I love the gramophone and that's a great price for that wall fixture!more