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Not Entirely Wordless Wednesday: Fourthof July

(photo from The Union, which also has a tr...more

Case In Point

Wordless Wednesday: Disturbed

Had to look for a second, but then I saw the bird.  Very nice.  :)more

Then & Now

My friend Becky has been in Atlanta for business reasons for a week, and since she had the weekend free, she drove up today to see me!...more

Car Exhaust, Petty Victories and Other Failures at Mature Adulthood

Car Exhaust, Petty Victories, and Other Failures at Mature Adulthood 1. The downside to taking the less-traveled back highway up into the countryside to get to work every morning is that it is forcing me into close contact with a much higher percentage of people who drive cars that smell awful. ...more

Wordless Wednesday: Summer Sunset


This Is Not Trash

  This is not trash. ...more