15 Super Geeky Summer Activity Ideas

If any fun happens at my house, it's usually by accident. I certainly do nothing to encourage it. My poor kids. And before you send a Social Service Agent over in a Clown Suit, never fear. We do have fun on occasion. But it's usually while we're pursuing some other goal, like feeding our minds, or fueling our bodies, or serving our community. Geeks. ...more

Top Ten Things I Wish I'd Known About Home Schooling

Top Ten Things I Wish I'd Known About Home Schooling 10.That giggling at “Uranus” is not just fine but groovy. 9. That reading from the book is always better than the movie. 8. That sleeping through the movie is what this Ma likes best. 7. That nodding off while reading is a way to get some rest. 6. That hearing my child read aloud is simply magical. 5. That handwriting instruction would be so tragic-filled. 4. That crying--whining--fighting share their portion in the deal. 3. That snuggling up and cuddling close have definite appeal. ...more

Rice, Rice Baby (Steps)

My six-year-old is an aspiring photographer. As in, he "aspires" to cut off my head in nearly every picture he takes. ...more

Celebrating the Passover Seder

I wasn't there at the Last Supper. But I've seen some good home videos of that night. Very intriguing, that Passover. It's a celebration that's been around far longer than good ol' Santa, the Savior of the Materialistic World. (I am trying so hard not to snark.) ...more

Thanks a bunch for the links, Jill. I was especially taken by the article the Jewishness of ...more

Stir-Fried Tofu

I tried a lot of tofu while I was in China. Whether it was warm or cold, it tasted a bit like wobbly jello. Well, wobbly jello minus the flavor. I wasn't a big fan. But being on a restricted diet has forced me into eating things that I swore up and down I'd never let pass the lips of my mouth. ...more

Crock Pot Lentil Soup

Household Emergencies: Blood, fire, and the death of my crock pot. Not necessarily in that order. I am in desperate like with my crock pot. She sits on my counter so unpretentiously, working alongside me as I bustle about my day. And then! As if by magic, dinner is ready. This crock pot lentil soup recipe will warm you right up. It's frugal, it's filling, and it's friendly to the environment. (Why? Because a crock pot uses far less energy than traditional cooking methods and the soup is meat-free.) ...more

Goodwill Does It Again!

Everything on my dining room table screams, "the 90s." It starts with the hunter green plates and goes downhill from there. And my plates! ...more

Memory Work

Memorize something? I'd rather not. It's hard for me, and any mumbo-jumbo I do manage to commit to memory is quickly lost in the bucket of mush I call "my brain." That being said, I have reached my adulthood knowing just a few verses or sayings, and most of those are ridiculous. Examples: "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Who eats the fastest, gets the most." ...more

Eating the Alphabet


Breakfast Rotation

Child #1: "But I don't want oatmeal! I want cereal!" Child # 2: "But IIIIII want oatmeal! With sugar!" Child # 3: "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" And so went our breakfast time, day after day after day. Each person wanted his favorite thing for breakfast, and he wanted it day after day after day. And this Mama, being a rather uptight kind of sort, wasn't really into the "short-order cook" gig, nor did she want her kids to miss out on the nutritional excellence in say, a bowl of grits. ...more