Kitchen Remodel Update - Picture Timeline Part 1

The kitchen is well underway. ...more

359th Inspire Me Tuesday

Welcome to the 359th Inspire Me Tuesday. ...more

Some Spaces You Havn't Seen - Upstairs

The kitchen remodel is coming along and so far I am loving it. ...more

Fun Shopping At My Favorite Place

I am loving being back in my old neighborhood and near all of my favorite shopping places. ...more

Kitchen Counter Tops and Cabinet Pulls

Well, I totally surprised myself when it came time to shop for the counter tops. ...more

Master Bathroom

One of the spaces that needs a big makeover is the master bathroom. ...more

358th Inspire Me Tuesday

Welcome to the 358th Inspire Me Tuesday. ...more

Master Bedroom - His & Her's Closets

There are so many neat features about the "Builder Basic". ...more

The Walk In Pantry

Another great feature of the "Builder Basic". ...more