A Teacher's Legacy

Life Goes On, Boston Strong

This morning thousands of runners are headed to Hopkinton to run this year's Boston Marathon.  They'll make the 26.2 mile journey to Copley Square, to land in the arms of their loved ones at the finish line.  As they meet the smiles and cheers and tears of the crowd, a small cloud will follow them, a small prick of fear.  This was the site of the bombing last year.  Four lives were lost, over 200 wounded.  Spectators and runners lost limbs and were scarred for life physically and emotionally....more

10 Things A Sleepless Mama Doesn't Need To Hear

 Rose is a tough sleeper. Some nights, if I'm super, super lucky, she gives me a five hour stretch of sleep. Most nights she wakes every two to three hours. Some nights she just.won't.sleep.I've tried soothing baths, feeding late, feeding early, changing her foods, letting her cry, not letting her cry, physical exercise, a soothing routine...and pretty much nothing has worked. I have been without a good night's sleep for about a year and a half (including the last 3 months of pregnancy, which were pretty uncomfortable for sleep.)...more
Middle of the night hours last between 3 and 65 daytime hours.more

Mama, Know Thyself

Today's NaBloPoMo revolves around a Ben Franklin quote: "There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one's self." Do you think you know yourself well?I haven't done the NaBloPoMo before. I haven't done it because I do know myself well. I know that I won't commit to writing every day, because life intrudes, and I would rather spend a few days thinking about one post than post something without overthinking it....more

So Your Partner's A Crossdresser: Now, What?

I received an email last night that made me think a lot about the direction of my blog. For the most part, I do like to post issues that occur or activities that I do with my children, but in between those posts I occasionally talk about my husband, who happens to be a crossdresser, the fact that my daughter is gay, or my son's propensity for wearing pink. These are things that I struggled with at one time or another, but came to understand, accept, and support....more

An 11-Year-Old Brony Attempted Suicide: We're Not Changing Fast Enough

As the mother of a boy who routinely wears pink pants, sparkly shirts, and sports a pair of cobalt blue gem earrings, the news that a bullied 11-year-old "Brony" boy attempted suicide hit home, and hit home hard. 11-year-old Michael is in intensive care after attempting to commit suicide. Our children are committing suicide because they're not "manly" enough. ...more
I get the nightmares, Kathleen. I agree too, that while some things and some places have ...more

Dear BlogHer Editors: Can We Get A Better Mobile Experience?

Roughly seven months ago I came across this website that seemed like a perfect match for me. It was made by women for women and covered everything from politics to perms. I signed up immediately, anxious to add my voice.  I filled out my profile, uploaded a sassy picture, and pressed "create post." And that is where my sadness began....more
Yep. It's true. It's virtually impossible to create a blog post in a mobile environment and ...more

Growing Up A Dot Rat

My first post of the year is actually a guest post on Momsoap!  She's having a great conversation about race and perspectives on race.  Having grown up in a poor neighborhood, and yes, even at one point eating the welfare cheese (you know what I'm talking about), I felt I had a voice to add.  Read on:http://www.momsoap.com/2014/01/guest-post-growing-up-as-a-dot-ratYou can read more posts at www.suckathomemom.blogspot.com...more

Why I Will Lie To My Son This Christmas

Two years ago last week my daughter came home and said that all the kids say Santa doesn't exist, and asked if  we could tell her the truth. Figuring that she had "figured out the secret" and that we would rather make her "part of the secret and part of the magic", we told her the truth. Her eyes filled with tears, and when I asked her  what she had thought about Santa she said, "I thought he was real." I was crushed that we had ruined the magic before Christmas....more