Hair Under a Baseball Cap...Surprise! It doesn't Have to!

Well, I have to admit, I have had my Universite'de Paris baseball cap on for essentially 24 hours. Now, I think my hair should have looked terrible when I took it off for Yoga today. Having not showered for that length of time due to a break in our water main to the house. To lower my frustration I focused on something good for me and yoga was perfect. Back to HAIR. ...more

What's New in That's right! .:Style Like a Pro:.

OH MY GOODNESS! My DVD's have been mentioned in an online magazine www.shefinds.comfor Feb. 24, 2009.Maintain Your Hair At Home ...more

Why Does Curly Hair Get Frizzy in Wet Weather?

The simplest of answers is that the hair does not contain enough internal moisture to counteract the outside environmental moisture. If your hair had enough internal moisture then any outside wetness would just weigh the hair down, not frizz it out. But, when your hair is too dry it takes alot of wetness to make it heavy. ...more

The gift of S-H-I-N-Y Hair!

Now I'll go over what naturally contributes to shiny hair. 1. Straight hair has a tight cuticle (outside layer). When the cuticle is closed then the light reflects off the cuticle as "shine". Curly hair does not have the tight cuticle,(if it did the hair would not be curly).2. No chemical processes on the hair. Not even semi-permanent color.3. Regular haircuts, be it every 4 weeks to 10 weeks, removes frayed ends, so that the ends of the hair remains stronger. ...more

Do You Go To Bed With WET HAIR???

DON'T!!!Yes, I know it saves you time in the morning. Damp hair keeps you cool at night in case your body runs hot while sleeping. Well, at least I'm not drying out my hair with a hair dryer.These are all reasonable time saving strategies.Let me give you some reasons not to go to bed with damp/wet hair.1. Hair when wet is structurally weaker, is elastic and can be stretched further than when dry. ...more