Sunsetting Submommy

It’s time. I’ve loved writing for all these years about family and life and whatnot. I discovered I had my own voice, started using it, and realized it could get loud ....more

Happy Thanksgiving. Let’s Talk Food Traditions

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share a little memory of it. Lefse. My Mom is Norwegian ....more

Happy Eighth Birthday, Boy Child.

I love you. You make us smile, laugh, yell, cheer, and dream for you. Your tender sweetness takes my breath away sometimes ....more

Growing Up Girl Child: Mood Swings

Mood Swings. The Bain Of Our Existence. Ah, mood swings ....more

GMO Labeling: Vote Yes On Oregon’s Measure 92

Yes on 92: the GMO labeling initiative in Oregon. Here are some facts: 1) GMO is *not* the same as hybridization. If someone says, “we’ve been genetically engineering food for centuries.” They’re only partially correct....more

What Is Real Food?

The Real Food Question I’ve...more

Growing Up Girl Child: My First Instagram Account

picture: Instagram I finally gave in. Yep. Girl Child is now the proud owner of her very first instagram account ....more

Service Is To Serve

Service It’s been an interesting transition for me going from “mommy blogger” (which everyone seems to have a distaste for lately) to a behind the scenes content...more

Imperfectly Perfect Family Photo

Perfect family. Pffft. Back in December, I had...more

#PrayForReynolds: Yet ANOTHER School Shooting

I wrote a post shortly after the Newton tragedy. And then, when there was a shooting earlier in the year in Colorado, I...more