GMO Labeling: Vote Yes On Oregon’s Measure 92

Yes on 92: the GMO labeling initiative in Oregon. Here are some facts: 1) GMO is *not* the same as hybridization. If someone says, “we’ve been genetically engineering food for centuries.” They’re only partially correct....more

What Is Real Food?

The Real Food Question I’ve...more

Growing Up Girl Child: My First Instagram Account

picture: Instagram I finally gave in. Yep. Girl Child is now the proud owner of her very first instagram account ....more

Service Is To Serve

Service It’s been an interesting transition for me going from “mommy blogger” (which everyone seems to have a distaste for lately) to a behind the scenes content...more

Imperfectly Perfect Family Photo

Perfect family. Pffft. Back in December, I had...more

#PrayForReynolds: Yet ANOTHER School Shooting

I wrote a post shortly after the Newton tragedy. And then, when there was a shooting earlier in the year in Colorado, I...more

I haven’t disappeared altogether

Stay tuned. Too much going to to write about. Changing world ....more

When Becoming A Parent Is Painful

Remembering Postpartum Depression We were digging through a drawer looking for something in our bedroom this weekend, and underneath the junk in the junk drawer, a piece of paper with my handwriting on it caught my eye. I didn’t recognize the paper at first, so I couldn’t remember how it got there or what was written on it. I pulled it out of the drawer and then sunk down to the bed when I saw the date: 8/1/03 ....more

Growing Up GirlChild: Body Image

“Media Literacy” is a buzz term around OpEd pieces that discuss the raising of girls. I’ve been watching and learning about it for a few years now, lying in wait for the day that Girl Child begins to turn inward and worry about things like her looks, what she’s wearing, when she’ll be developing, etc. I want very much to make sure that she’s guided through the gigantic maze of body image issues ....more

Otterbox Giveaway….and the WINNER IS…..

First, THANK YOU MY PEOPLE. First ever giveaway on my blog, and I so appreciate the entries and see your favorite birthday presents. You guys are awesome! ...more