I Guess It Would Depend on How Much They'd Had To Drink

Like a lot of preschool-age kids, Hank substitutes the /w/ sound for /r/ in many words.  So he says: fwog pawade Wichard Scawwy book  And my favorite, a spell in the Harry Potter game:  "Weducto!"   I'm not in the least worried about it, as I know that kids can take until age 7 or so to get their articulations sorted out. This website says that a four year-old should be "100% intelligible even if they continue to have articulatio...more

Cancer Treatment is Mostly Driving

Friday morning Matt and I went to see a radiation oncologist. This is one of the fun things we're doing together while the kids are out of town. Actually, I always have fun going places with Matt and chatting with him. If you know him in real life, you know he'll talk your damn ear off. We also ate at a new taqueria last night. We are nailing this dating thing....more

The Most Important Job in the World: Parent or Toy Fixer?

The other day I was piloting our vehicle around while my four-year-old Hank pondered in the backseat, wondering aloud about different kinds of work he might like, and whether he could do various jobs when he grew up. For example, he wants to go through the swinging doors in Publix, the doors back by the lobsters, and I told him that only people who work at Publix go back there. He asked if he could possibly work at a grocery store one day, and I told him that he surely could if he wanted to -- that he could probably do whatever job he wants to do when he grows up. ...more


My oldest now knows where he gets his food, clothing, video games and ...more

Aspects of a Weekend

Sunday night's dinner was loaf-based: Homemade bread from the bread machine, and the Twenty-Dollar Meatloaf. It's actually my sister Amy's recipe, but at our house it is the Twenty-Dollar Meatloaf, because I once called Amy to get the recipe, and instead of dialing her Skype-In number (a free call), I accidentally dialed her landline in Australia, using my cell phone. Our two-minute conversation cost twenty dollars. ...more

I Are Room Mom Now: Part Deux

Last week I posted about the startling news that I am the Room Mom for Laura's second grade class. I was a little trepidatious, not because of the official duties, but because I knew there were "unofficial" or secret duties, like collecting money for teacher gifts, that I wasn't sure how to go about. Also, my two year-old creates some drag on my in-room volunteering. ...more

Around the House: Rush-Seat Stools

Decorating my house is a favorite pastime of mine, and I'm going to start writing about it now and then. By decorating, I don't (usually) mean shopping. I love finding new ways to use what we have and to buy strategically. After living in small apartments for years (hey California!), I am reveling in having the space to live with more things I like, to do stuff like seasonal decorating, and to mix things around to keep them fresh. Maybe in my next lifetime I'll work on that whole Zen simplicity thing, but in the meantime, I love stuff! ...more

We Got Hot Spots

Right after we put the kids to bed every night, I come downstairs and survey the wreckage. The supper dishes are still on the table, and the living room and sunroom are littered with toys, books, and dirty clothes. The couches are in total disarray, and often there's a makeshift fort that needs to be dismantled. The floor of the book room is usually covered with dominoes and puzzle pieces. Sometimes there's a special, awful mess somewhere, like when Hank pulled handfuls of gravel out of the fishbowl. ...more

I call it "reclaiming" when I have to recover the use of a messy area. i've had ...more

I Totally Get It, Michael Corleone

CVS, man. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. I hadn't set foot in a CVS in three weeks. Then tonight I noticed that this week--the week ending 9/06--was the week to spend $15 on Neutrogena skincare and get $5 "extra care bucks" back. ...more

A Delightful Potpourri

Fact: I am making bread while lying on the couch. How, you ask? ...more

I Are Room Mom Now?

Last week I went to Curriculum Night in Laura's classroom, and afterwards another mom and I were chatting with Mrs. S, the teacher. Mrs. S looked at me and said, "You were the only person to volunteer to be a Co-Room Mom, and nobody volunteered to be Room Mom, so I guess that makes you the Room Mom." ...more