Butter Tarts

Ana - The Suburban PeasantButter tarts- the quintisential Canadian desert.  It’s sweet, humble and tender, kind of like us Canadians!...more
Mmm butter tarts. We used to buy the BEST butter tarts at the local farmer's market. Then one ...more

Reflections on Turning 30, and a Mushroom and Lentil Cottage Pie That's Just Darned Good

Filled with meaty mushrooms, yummy lentils, and topped with a roasted garlic, sweet potato crust, this cottage pie is just as hearty as any meat pie, but so much healthier! Image: Courtesy of the Suburban Peasant ...more
@The Suburban Peasant 30 wasn't bad for me at all. 40 was another story. :-)  At the end of this ...more