Working From Home Today (Not)

Today is a level 2 snow day. Level 1 is when the public elementary school is closed and Things 1-3 are home from school. A level 2 snow day is when preschool is also closed and Thing 4 is home with her brothers ....more

Basketball Game

Thing 3 played in the semifinals, contributing these points on a sweet left handed drive to the hoop. He is #3 ....more

Self Portrait

Thing 4 loves to draw pictures. And what’s more fun than drawing a picture of yourself? ...more

Hershey Park

We took an overnight trip to Hershey Park this summer. There are plenty of rides, roller coasters, and a water park which means non-stop walking. I set the record for number of steps in 2 days on my pedometer ....more

Wacky Wednesday

It was Wacky Wednesday in preschool. Pigtails AND a ponytail. What’s wackier than that? ...more

Dance Recital Time

It’s springtime which means another dance recital for Thing 4. If you haven’t been, the recital is a multiple hour endeavor to watch a 2 minute performance. The cuteness of so many little girls – and one boy this year – in fancy costumes is overwhelming ....more

First Tooth

It was a long time coming. Thing 3 finally lost his first tooth. Followed by his second one two days later ....more

Birthday Party

Thing 4 had a birthday party for her fourth birthday. It marked our return to Jumping Jack Sports, where we held a joint party for Thing 2 and Thing 3 a few years ago. Thing 4 was a birthday princess ....more

Birthday Pancakes

Thing 4 is four years old today! Following our new tradition, the birthday girl gets to pick where we eat. Thing 4 chose IHOP ....more

Dance Artist

Thing 4 loves to dance and sing. It doesn’t matter if she knows the words, she just makes up her own. And she improvises the dance moves as she sings ....more