One Thing I Can’t Live Without: Jergens BB Body Cream

Winter’s not so bad in Nashville, but I hate the dry skin that comes with it. I’ve tried everything to counter it, from ultra-moisturizing lotions to expensive body butters to...more

A Hybrid Home School Update

Pretty much everywhere I go these days, everyone has one question: “How’s that HOME SCHOOL thing going?” To catch up those of you who are new here, when my daughter was finishing...more

Hey, Remember That Time I was On the Today Show?

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What You Should Be Watching on Sunday Afternoons

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Did You Watch the Today Show? Here’s What You’re Looking For!

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The Downton Bachelor: Week One Recap

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I feel like I’m the last person on earth (or at least, in America) to have seen the Blue Man Group. But honestly, those guys always looked a little creepy to me. Did I REALLY need more fodder for...more

Suburban Turmoil 2014: The Year on Facebook

I said in my last post that I’m writing less now about my kids- which is true — at least here on this blog. The truth is, though, that I write about them plenty on Facebook. It just seems better suited for the subject ....more

Suburban Turmoil 2014: The Year in Review

Can it really be December 31st? 2014 has flown by and brought with it so...more