Gettin' it out of neutral

(via) When we were in Chicago and went for our final stroll around the city, we passed some designer shop with perfect clothes in the window. ...more

Yellow river by I P Freely and scaling back

Happy Tuesday all!As much as I love being hydrated, holy God did I wear a hole in the carpet going to the bathroom. ...more

Compounding the damage and shovel fight

I wish I had some big ol exciting update from the weekend but we stayed mostly house bound. I started out the weekend with a three pound gain. ...more

Tackling the black hole and what I'm reading this week

It's the weekend, yo! I'm so ready for it. ...more

Forcing my hand

(via) Well y'all, I feel I may be forced into a cataclysmic decision.I have been noticing steadily over the past 12 months that my Facebook reach numbers are plummeting. ...more

Romantic Coastal Mantel Refresh

Just before Valentines Day, I decided it was time to give the mantel a refresh. ...more

Challenging your body vs. breaking it

Exercise has been a consistent part of our lives since 2009. ...more

Snowy Winter Fun

Happy Happy Monday y'all!!!Our weekend got thrown off kilter because our company we were supposed to have cancelled on us. ...more

No decor and what I'm reading this week

Well howdy do, Friday. ...more

When goals change

(via) The first thing people typically do when they decide to lose weight is they set a goal weight. ...more