She Whispered in the Dark, "Thank You for Growing Me"

I have this phrase I’ve been saying to the kids for years: "I worked so hard to grow you!" The unsaid followup -- of course -- carrying with it more meaning than what is actually spoken. That is, since I worked so hard to grow you, the least you could do in return is this one teensy weensy thing. I say it when Torri groans about emptying the dishwasher or when Kennedy would rather slip off to bed than give her old mom a hug. I say it when Cassidy refuses to sit still so that I can brush her hair or when Jayce gives his daddy the prized first morning hug instead of saving it for me. It’s always said in jest, meant more as a playful tease than a means by which to elicit actual feelings of guilt....more
Love this. When my son says something like this, it absolutely melts me.  I know without a ...more